Engineering company offers free Net Zero training.

The UK Engineering company, AESSEAL, is offering free training to help other businesses on the journey to Net Zero.

AESSEAL plc, whose global headquarters is in Rotherham, is promoting the Betterworld.Solutions campaign to encourage businesses to adopt an Investment Policy to Prevent Global Warming. based on the company’s achievements of Net Zero they have developed an online training course. This is now being offered free of charge via the Betterworld.Solutions project to any business that adopts a policy based on the template provided.

AESSEAL MD Chris Rea explains, ‘Adopting an easy to understand policy is a public statement of intent that the company is committed to listening to its own experts, and making sensible investment decisions that help the environment in a timely manner.

‘This goes beyond ISO commitments which are often complex and hard to understand. It tells staff, and the society in which we operate, in plain language that we mean business, and that we are on the journey to Net Zero together’.

Rea says that with Net Zero and green policies on everyone’s lips, what is really needed is urgent action. However, companies that want to join in may lack knowledge of what’s involved.

The free training course:

  • Understanding sustainability concepts (e.g. three pillars of sustainability, defining sustainability, sustainability strategies, UN17 Goals);
  • Learning how to combat climate change (defining global warming, climate change);
  • Understanding the concepts of Net Zero (defining Net Zero, scope 1, 2 and 3, residual emissions/offsetting, carbon capture, Net Zero targets and the Paris Agreement);
  • Learning how businesses can be profitable and Net Zero (emission reduction projects businesses can undertake, real life examples, verification);
  • The business case and how businesses can drive effective change;
  • Verifying the approach to Net Zero and the data.

The course takes between an hour and an hour and a half to complete, but participants can stop and resume – breaking it into bite-sized modules. There are also multiple choice questions to confirm understanding.

The course contains real-life example projects that can reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, often with a short payback that makes them a sound investment choice by any standards.


You can find out more information on Betterworld.Solutions.

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