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Cash-positive Investment Strategies To Reduce Energy Consumption Post-covid

September 30, 2020 at 10:00 AM- 11:00 AM

his energy webinar is specific to the UK audience. It will be particularly relevant for Finance Directors, CFOs, CEOs and Managing Directors, discussing smart, off-balance sheet funding approaches to maintain environmental progress during uncertain times and how UK businesses can reduce energy costs without any capital investment and with structures that guarantee a positive cash flow.


As the country emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, energy efficiency funding is a key focus as many UK businesses face financial uncertainty with mounting expenses and reduced sales and production. Therefore, with cost-saving activities more important than ever, this webinar will discuss straightforward strategies to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions without capital expenditure, allowing your business to preserve cash and investment for its core business activities.

By registering for this free webinar on 30th September you can expect to:

Engage with and question energy industry experts surrounding the business case for financing energy efficiency technologies and a variety of funding methods
Understand how to save money in the short and long term without spending capital upfront
Gain an understanding of how becoming energy efficient will reduce costs and carbon emissions
Learn about the grants, interest free loans and tax credits available to your business
Learn how to convert capital funded projects into off-balance sheet ‘shared-savings’ models
Explore real-life case studies showing tangible benefits of energy efficiency


As businesses look to return to a new normal, pressure continues to mount to reduce costs and carbon footprint. Therefore, ensuring businesses actively manage and optimise their energy profile is more important than ever. Businesses can achieve this by minimising electrical consumption and maximising local generation. What’s more, this can be achieved with no capital expenditure required, and with a cash-positive position from the outset.

Implementing proven smart energy technologies, such as Powerstar’s voltage optimisation solutions, helps future-proof businesses by minimising overhead costs. This is particularly important when output may be reduced and profit margins shrinking due to the global pandemic.

Through utilising intelligent funding options, Powerstar will discuss how businesses can continue to move towards net-zero carbon, as well as government grants, new approaches to securing tax breaks on investments, and low-interest (on balance sheet) funding. Understanding how energy reduction technologies can be funded as generation schemes, such as Solar PV, is also important in enabling businesses to buy zero-carbon electricity at a cheaper rate, whilst integrating additional technologies to decrease consumption and improve resilience.

During such a crucial time, Powerstar can offer customers bespoke, flexible, low interest funding options for its technologies to maintain a cash-positive position throughout, meaning you get to keep your capital for core business operations whilst still benefitting from increased energy efficiency measures. Coupled with energy efficiency grants that are available, such as the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund for manufacturers and data centres in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, companies can implement these solutions with a stronger financial return than ever before.

If, like many other businesses, you are looking to reduce costs and become more energy efficient without significant capital investment, register for this free webinar today to find the best approach for your organisation, alongside how Powerstar can provide energy industry insights to support your business in emerging from COVID-19 with a leaner cost base and improved environmental performance.


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September 30, 2020
10:00 AM- 11:00 AM