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Finance for Non Financial Managers

September 19, 2019 at 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

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Non-member price – £350 + VAT

Duration – 1 Day


Course Overview:

This interactive course combines formal content, workshop activities and individual exercises, taking a practical, pragmatic approach to financial matters. It also demystifies the jargon, conventions and formats of accounting.


At the end of the course participants will have explored:

  • Key financial language and the fundamentals of financial statements
  • Basic financial documents used in business
  • Interpreting the information in financial documents, and use it to manage day-to-day business activity
  • This course is AAT accredited, all notes and assessment sheets are provided.


Who Should Attend?

Suitable for managers and administrators looking to develop a better understanding of common financial terms and conventions in order to make better use of financial information.

Course Contents

Statement of Financial Position & Income

Statement Account:

  • Assets & Liabilities Explained:
    • Current & Non-Current Assets
    • Current & Non-Current Liabilities
  • Business Equity for Sole Traders & Limited Companies
  • Income & Expenditure—Profit & Loss
  • Income Statement Account for Sole Traders & Limited Companies
  • Determining Profit & Profit Quality
  • Reporting Financial Information


Financial Analysis:

  • Identifying Parameters for Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis & Calculating Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios:
    • Return on Capital Employed
    • Gross Profit Margin
    • Profit for the Year/Period
  • Liquidity Ratios:
    • Current Ratio
    • Quick Ratio
  • Efficiency Ratios:
    • Non-Current Asset Revenue
    • Stock Holding Period
    • Trade Receivables Collection Period
    • Trade Payables Payment Period
  • Limitations of Ratio Analysis

Overview of Controlling Cash:

  • The Importance of Cash
  • Cash Flow vs Profit
  • Budgeting for Sufficient Cash
  • Getting Customers to Pay Quicker?

Overview of Budgets:

  • What is a Budget?
  • How do Budgets Help Businesses?
  • Using Budgets to Manage
  • Interpreting Budget Data


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September 19, 2019
9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
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