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How to Have Difficult Conversations in the Workplace – and do it well!

June 30, 2023 at 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM


Discover how to have difficult conversations in the workplace confidently and effectively with this simple 6 step process

If the thought of having a difficult conversation at work fills you or your team leaders with dread, you are not alone.

According to 2020 research by the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) the top four most difficult workplace conversations are viewed as

1) Pay packets / asking for a pay rise – 33%

2) Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace – 31%

3) Feedback on poor performance – 30%

4) Promotions – 23%

STOP fearing difficult conversations. START having those conversations that will make a difference at work with this 6_Steps to having difficult conversations in the workplace short workshop.

If the thought of having to have certain conversations with your team, your boss, suppliers, or clients makes you feel anxious and stressed and you find yourself constantly putting them off, then this is most likely an important conversation ……. and needs to be had!

In this 3 hr workshop you will identify the types of conversations that make a difference (and that you need to be having) in your workplace, understand what makes these conversations difficult for you and learn why it’s important to have them to minimise the risk of creating problems further down the line.

The 6 key steps process gives you a workable and simple structure. During the session you will map out one of these conversations so you know what to say and feel confident to have it when you go back to work.

What is it about?:

Everyday there are important conversations to be had with peers, team members and clients. Sometimes we do these well, sometimes we avoid them at all costs and sometimes we wait until it’s too late and then do them badly.

Effective communication is at the core of all great businesses. It is fundamental to building trust and relationships and building motivated and engaged teams who will go over and beyond to deliver exceptional results. It can be argued that the lack of effective communication causes more problems in business, and life in general, than anything else.

This introductory workshop is highly practical and will help you identify those key conversations that make the difference day to day and will build your practical skills and confidence in actually having them.

You will learn how to structure and plan your conversations to ensure they are proactive, valuable to both parties and how in having them you can actually reduce your risk of conflict.

Who is it for.

  • do you feel stressed or anxious about having difficult conversations?
  • do you fear how someone might react to what you have to say?
  • do you worry about what to say and how to say it….. so put off the conversation?
  • do you find you leave things for too long before speaking and then find you blurt out and it all comes out wrong?
  • do you use “not having enough time” as an excuse ?
  • do you lack confidence or feel its not your place?
  • do you feel frustrated that people don’t seem to be following you or delivering in the way you want them to?

All of us have important conversations we need to have everyday. And many of us will have blockers, things that are stopping us from having those conversations .

If you know that you have a blocker to holding these conversations and that developing your ability to have conversations that make the difference at work will lead to happier teams and customers, continued business growth and ultimately easier lives for yourself then this course is for you.

How can I apply the learning?

The opportunity to have impactful conversations that make a real difference, occur every day however they are particularly useful in the following scenarios

In handling conflict more effectively and confidently

In delegating and time management

In developing and stretching your team

In setting objectives and holding people to account for delivery

In appraisals and 121s

In running effective meetings ……… and much more

What our previous clients have to say:

“It’s made a huge difference to my business”

Having been on this workshop a few weeks ago I can honestly say it’s made a huge difference to my business. I’m always one to avoid confrontation of any kind, but as much as you try it does happen. CHRISTINE breaks it all down and gave me a process for dealing with difficult people, and it really does work! Not that I’m looking for a fight anytime soon, but I know if one happens, I’ve got a tried and tested technique for dealing with it. If you’ve got the time, and you need the support, go; you won’t regret it. To be frank, I had no idea what to expect, but it helped change a lot of things in my business and even on the home front with my teenage daughter 😂 .

Mike Marshall of Eat Sleep Think

“The feedback from our delegate was extremely positive”

Thanks for putting this workshop together. The initial feedback from our delegate was extremely positive. We have another booked for the 6th so hopefully they will find it equally useful..

Matt Howe of Wilson Howe Accountancy

” A must do for everyone”

A must do for everyone, you can apply this to all aspects of life in business and at home.

Cath Cann of My Travel Guys

“Perfect” – just what I needed to move my business forward”

“Worthwhile coming, wish I’d done it ages ago”

“Educational and informative”

“Very informative and I now have a clear path to follow”

“The structure was really important having a framework to adhere to really helps”