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Sell Your Business for Maximum Value – Barnsley

March 17, 2023 at 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Start Preparing Your Business For Maximum Sale/Exit Value Now

In just 3 hours, without moving from your desk, find out how to prepare your business for sale in 2023-24.

Kirsty Sisson, Investor and scaleup expert for more than 15 years hosts this gem of a workshop.

Whilst the workshops are online, each week, we invite delegates from a specific town/County. There are often different opportunities in terms of funding and support according to where your business resides. We ensure a super relevant workshop for each attendee.

Some workshops will include extra guest speakers, such as a local funders, corporate finance experts, profit engineers or HR experts.

It is sad to read that over 350,000 businesses ‘voluntarily’ close their doors each year. With the majority of them, the shareholders missed an opportunity to sell all or part of it. Why?

– The business owner did not have a natural successor and didn’t know how to sell to an investor, or

– They marketed themselves for sale with a broker and did not reach a sale, or

– Their business became difficult to continue with – either from health or financial difficulties

Armed with the right knowledge, every business owner, even those with distressed businesses can profit from selling all or part of it.

By attending your dedicated local Friday morning workshop, you will get a 360 degree perspective on all you need to consider and what you can affect; from how to position and easily affect your financials through to the process of a sale – end to end. There’s a lot goodness crammed in!

You’ll also receive very useful templates and best practice sheets as a takeaway gift.

Check all of Born Limitless/Kirsty’s events to find your local online workshop. If you cannot find what you need or would prefer a 1-2-1 session, Whatsapp message Kirsty 07889923854