Health & Wellbeing Forum

The Health & Wellbeing Forum will support Chamber members and the wider business community by providing an environment and opportunities that encourage members to lead healthy lives and enable them to make choices that support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The aims of the forum are to:

  • To provide guidance and support to Chamber members on all things Health & Wellbeing
  • To promote Mental Health and Physical Health Awareness
  • To run a series of free and paid for workshops and training seminars
  • To provide up to date and relevant PR to Chamber members
  • To assist Chamber members in helping them create a H&W strategy

For further information contact the Chamber on 01709 386200 or email us.

Guidance & Support

Pre-Recorded webinars

Able futures have a number of pre-recorded webinars to support Mental Health which are free to access

  • Mental Health First Aid Awareness
  • Stress in the Workplace
  • Self Care for Wellbeing at Work
  • Sleep and Mental Health
  • Nature and Mental Health
  • Men, Mental Health and Covid-19 Whats next?
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Free mini webinars

Building morale and motivation when your staff are furloughed or when working remotely from home can be tough. I’m therefore now offering companies across the UK the opportunity to connect employees via Zoom with a beautiful 45 minute wellness session and facial.

A great way to really make employees feel valued and still connected in these challenging times. I’d love to hear from you if this is something I can help you and your business with or please feel free to tag anyone you think this could help.

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Are you looking for the best Stress Management Programme in 2021?

Overflowing with cutting edge tips and techniques showing you How To Get Control of Your Stress, this course is presented by the UK’s leading authority on stress management and includes several workbook resource documents.

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Free mini webinars

We’ve recorded a series of webinars on a range of topics to support the wellbeing of your members and their people. These include Healthy Eating, Optimising Sleep and Working From Home.

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5 tips to support mental health

This quick one-page factsheet from our recent webinar gives your members five key tips to proactively manage the wellbeing of their people and some mental health red flags to look out for.

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Next Level Guide to Running

This guide is for anyone of any level, whether that be a complete beginner or someone who has run a 5k or 10k and wants to take it up another level.

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Free virtual workouts

High Five bring you fitness classes straight to your home through free, on-demand videos. Workouts include tabata, abs, strength, HIIT, core and mobility to help you stay active.

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Men Utd, an online support group for men

Are you male, aged 35 to 55 and live in Barnsley? Are you feeling anxious or low? Then it’s time to blow the whistle and give these feelings the boot!
Our online men’s mental health group, Men Utd, can help you to stop feeling like you’re off side and get your head back in the game.

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Check your eligibility for mental health support from Able Futures

Able Futures can give you nine months advice and guidance from a mental health specialist to help you manage your mental health at work so you can enjoy more good days.

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Keeping Families in Mind

“Keeping Families in Mind” is an established and innovative service from Sheffield Mind, funded by the Ministry of Defence, working in partnership with Rotherham and Barnsley Mind. It offers therapeutic support to the families of serving and veteran armed forces personnel living in South Yorkshire.

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Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference is in response to the significant and prolonged drop in lung cancer referral rates since the start of the pandemic. At the peak of the pandemic, lung cancer referral rates were down 75% and still remain below expected levels.

We appreciate that the majority of patients who contact primary care with symptoms such as a persistent cough, breathlessness and recurrent chest infections will not have lung cancer. However, we want to help ensure patient with potential symptoms are referred where appropriate.

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the UK’s 3rd most common cancer in the UK. Around 47,000 people are diagnosed with the condition every year in the UK. It mainly affects older people, it is rare in people younger than 40, more than 4 out of 10 people diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK are aged 75 and older.
Although people who have never smoked can develop lung cancer, smoking is the most common cause, approximately 72% of cases.

Early detection makes it more treatable, recognising symptoms and contacting your GP Practice sooner could save lives:

• A cough that doesn’t go away after 2 or 3 weeks – a persistent cough after receiving a negative COVID test result could be a sign of Lung Cancer
• Chest infections that keep coming back
• Coughing up blood
• Ache or pain when breathing or coughing
• Persistent breathlessness
• Persistent tiredness or lack of energy
• Loss of appetite or unexplained weight loss

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Working Win – struggling in work.

Working Win is a free service that supports people who are struggling in work. We’ll work with you to build on your strengths, and to feel settled and flourish in your role.

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DrinkCoach new digital platform

DrinkCoach was launched in 2013 by a pioneering team from Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol (HAGA) to help individuals track and change their drinking. The app made it easier for individuals to track the number of units and calories consumed as well as the costs of drinking, on the go and for free.

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Everyone has a story to tell, are you #AlrightPal?

We’re proud to present Jeff’s message about the importance of asking #AlrightPal and really meaning it. Remember, everyone has a story to tell… #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. Find out more about the support available at

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Calendar of national health and wellbeing campaigns table

We have put together this selection of national and international campaigns to help health and wellbeing leads to plan your health and wellbeing strategy and activities for the year ahead.

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Westfield Health Divide Together report

As we launch this report, the UK is beginning to ease itself out of lockdown, businesses are preparing to reopen, children are returning to the classroom and friends and families are starting to see each other once again, in parks and gardens.

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Winter wellbeing guide Winter health

Feeling the effects of stress is a normal part of life. It can drive us to take
action or help us thrive under pressure. But stress should be manageable, and
it should be temporary.

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Westfield Health 2020 Wellbeing Round-up

As we launch this report, the UK is beginning to ease itself out of lockdown, businesses are preparing to reopen, children are returning to the classroom and friends and families are starting to see each other once again, in parks and gardens.

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Westfield Health Have a brighter Blue Monday

The third Monday in January is often dubbed the gloomiest day of the year.
With the UK back in lockdown and our workplaces facing continued disruption,
this year’s Blue Monday looks set to be particularly difficult.

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Coping after Covid: Recovering the hidden cost of the pandemic

Key findings of the report:
• An estimated 320,000 businesses have wellbeing strategies that are not fulfilling their potential
• 59% of HR leaders say they would like to be able to do more in terms of wellbeing but company culture prevents it
• If wellbeing spend is maximised, the increased productivity could add £61bn to the English economy by 2025

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Financial Wellbeing

Motivating and retaining your employees is fundamental to the long-term success of a business. The wellbeing of employees is widely recognised as contributing significantly to the success of a business.

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St. James’s Place

Helping organisations support financial well-being in the workplace.

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Health & Wellbeing Forum Board

Caroline Artschan

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Visit Website

Corporate Partnership Manager for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Representative for Women in Business.

Working with businesses delivering lung health awareness. Improving outcomes and reducing deaths from Lung Cancer.  Rid the stigma, spot the symptoms.  28% diagnosed are non-smokers. #STILLHERE

Actively driving to improve mental and physical health in society by enabling the workplace to lead the way.

Sarah & Andy Tattersfield 

Mission Nutrition 

Visit Website

We are Andy and Sarah, a normal couple with two kids, a dog called Oscar and a cat called Bruce and a passion for health and fitness.    What we do is simple, we help people feel amazing!

Based at our Nutrition Club, Mission Nutrition in Wickersley,  we help people from all over the UK and the World to find an easy solution to being healthier and happier. We have helped 1000’s of people to lose weight, improve energy, improve sports performance and generally feel amazing!

Sean Robinson

Next Level Fitness 

Visit Website

Next Level Fitness is a break away from the traditional view of the intimidating gym environment. We believe that fitness should be inclusive for everyone and our message is ‘Whatever your shape, size or ability level you are welcome here’.

Next Level Fitness is about community and fitness. To us, the health and wellbeing benefits of working out in a group of like-minded people is as important as the fitness session itself.

I’ve joined the health and wellbeing forum as I believe in the chamber’s mission to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace and to share our message that fitness is accessible at all levels and situations.

Helen Smith

Professional Resources Consultancy

Visit Website

An experienced and successful Business Development professional passionate

About helping and supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Helen founded Professional Resources Consultancy to share experience which enables people to be the best version of themselves.

An established business mentor and coach Helen is now extending her people services to empower others to develop and grow as individuals and businesses. She is a member of the Complimentary Medical Association qualified as a practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Mental Health First Aid.

Bethany Cudworth

Westfield Health

Visit Website

Westfield Health

At the Westfield Health Group, our mission is to improve peoples’ quality of life. Working with world leading academics, we partner with our clients to create unique programmes that make a healthy difference. We provide wellbeing, mental health support, health insurance, gym management and fitness solutions, both virtually and in person, for 9,000 clients across the UK and Europe.


Bethany Cudworth

Experience of supporting businesses in planning and implementing health and wellbeing strategies that make a healthy difference to the quality of life of their people and the communities in which they live and work.  Working with Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber I have built a comprehensive network of businesses and customers in the area.

Mike Lawrence

Wellbeing & Workplace Management Consultant

Visit Website

Mike offers a unique and personalised service as a wellbeing practitioner. He’s gained national and international acclaim having helped thousands of company employees through lectures and workshops on stress, anxiety and depression leading to improved morale, motivation, confidence and mental wellbeing—recognised as one of the top wellbeing practitioners in the Sheffield City Region for trust, value and customer service.

Lisa Vaughan FPFS

Lisa Vaughan Financial Planning Ltd

Visit Website

Lisa is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years’ experience in financial services.  Lisa provides tailored financial advice to individuals and businesses.

As an Accredited Workplace Financial Education Specialist, Lisa works with businesses to deliver an online programme of financial wellbeing workshops, supporting employees in understanding their own current financial circumstances and empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their finances now and in the future; helping to potentially reduce any financial stress.

Mark Smith 

Make Your Mark UK

Visit Website

Make Your Mark UK is a training, coaching and consultancy aimed at helping businesses and charities to be better.

Mark champions the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 3, good health and wellbeing and in particular raises awareness about mental health and challenging stigma. As 2020 JCI International Vice President, Mark has spoken on several panel discussions on the subject.

Ches Moulton

The Stress Master

Visit Website

Ches Moulton, The Stress Master, is the UK’s leading authority on stress

His career has spanned more than 25 years, during which time he has been a much sought after executive coach, psychotherapist, and trainer. His most recent work has focused on helping those with elevated levels of stress overcome their problems and enjoy productive lives, free from both the physical and mental consequences of chronic stress.

During his time as a business performance consultant, Ches has served as an
advisor to both private businesses and government in Canada, the Caribbean,
United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East.

He is the author of ‘How to get control of your stress instead of stress controlling you’, and the international best-seller ‘Choice and Change – How to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others’. He is also a contributor to ‘Fit For Leadership #3’, in which selected authors from around the world share their highest-value thinking on business leadership, mindset, and best practice and emerging trends.

Ches is a member of his local chamber of commerce. He also serves on boards
and committees, both locally and regionally.

He lives with his wife Lucene in South Yorkshire.

Rebecca Norton

Sense of Direction

Visit Website

Rebecca is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with a particular interest in helping people improve their well-being through nature and the great outdoors. Rebecca believes we can all have a more satisfying and purposeful life if we learn to connect more with the world around us. She is also an accomplished trainer and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

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