Fleet Rental Solutions expand their range of Fleet Services

Fleet Rental Solutions is pleased to announce an expansion of their range of services.

A Vehicle & Driver record Management scheme is being launched to members operating Company vehicles, whether they are Leased, Company owned, or Driver owned (known as Grey Fleet) vehicles.

The new Cloud based technology system allows the data to be real time and provides security of the
data stored.

Vehicle details are essential to control real time Vehicle Management, the system adds service invoicing data, Service reminders, Vehicle renewal dates, MOT reminders, which can be sent directly to the driver or your designated Fleet Manager. By recording mileages on a regular basis, the system will also calculate excess mileage charges on any Leased vehicles on your fleet.

Driver Management, including on line Driver licence checks with the DVLA, can be maintained and updated via the system, this links with the Vehicle Check App information, providing an all inclusive data for driver records.

The Vehicle Check App allows customisable checklists, real time reporting & defect rectification management. This helps reduce vehicle & asset downtime whilst providing a full audit trail that ensures you’re fully compliant with your Company Director Duty of Care responsibilities.

Our system allows the driver to walk around the vehicle, record the mileage, any defects, and reports to a central control, either at the Company or at Fleet Rental Solutions, where the Company can report on any vehicle operated by their staff.

The driver can also report a fault whilst out in the vehicle, allowing parts or repairs to be arranged asap, saving vehicle downtime.

Fleet Rental Solutions can demonstrate this system to you, either at your premises or via weblink, please enquire by email to [email protected]

The Company also have a new improved website at
For further information please call 01709 940770, and we will be pleased to assist you.

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