From Cart Abandonment to Conversion: Gala Technology Leads the Omnichannel Charge!

Blending the High Street Spirit with Digital Drive: Gala Technology Unveils Crucial Insights into Modern Shopping Dynamics.

Gala Technology, a trailblazer in the omnichannel retail landscape, has just released a comprehensive study that dives deep into the metamorphosis of shopping—from beloved high streets to the expansive digital domain. In an age dominated by online interfaces, their report emphasises the paramount importance of an omnichannel approach that seamlessly combines the charm of tradition with today’s technological conveniences.

Commenting on the study, Gala Technology’s Business Development Manager, Chris Evans, shared, “The migration from physical storefronts to online platforms has been tremendous. However, our recent findings indicate a palpable desire amongst consumers for a more integrated shopping experience. By leveraging omnichannel strategies, businesses can offer the best of both the high street and digital worlds.”

The report reveals some eye-opening statistics. While 42% of consumers lean towards live chats, a mere 23% opt for emails, and 16% show a preference for social media. Most tellingly, a staggering 88% of respondents express a preference for speaking with a live agent rather than navigating digital-only pathways.

CEO of Gala Technology, Jason Mace, expanded on these findings, stating, “These statistics underscore a clear message: even as digital platforms proliferate, the heart of shopping, rooted in genuine human connection, remains indispensable. Gala Technology is leading the charge in assisting businesses to strike this critical balance, ensuring that every digital engagement echoes the warmth and personal touch reminiscent of the high street.”

Moreover, the study underscores the persistent hurdle of online shopping cart abandonment, underscoring the pivotal role of a refined omnichannel strategy in tackling this concern. Gala Technology, with its pioneering solutions like SOTpay, facilitates businesses to diversify their payment acceptance across a multitude of channels including telephony, SMS, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and social media. Positioned at the forefront of this omnichannel evolution, Gala Technology equips businesses to deliver a seamless and comprehensive shopping experience.

A particularly notable achievement for Gala Technology has been the meteoric rise in the demand for SOTpay, witnessing a remarkable 160% transaction growth over the past six months. This growth not only showcases the solution’s efficacy but also emphasises the burgeoning need for integrated, secure payment options in today’s omnichannel shopping ecosystem.

About Gala Technology:
Gala Technology is at the nexus of traditional retail charm and modern technological innovations. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing omnichannel customer experiences while driving business growth, Gala has firmly positioned itself as an industry thought leader.

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