Gala Technology Shifts Gears in Car Sales with Open Banking Revolution

In an era where technological advancements redefine our daily lives, the automotive sector accelerates into the future, embracing digital evolution with zeal. Amidst the buzz of electric vehicles (EVs) and the allure of virtual reality (VR) showrooms, one aspect remained in the rear-view mirror — the archaic payment process. That is, until the advent of open banking, a revolutionary approach championed by Gala Technology’s luminaries, Chris Evans, Business Development Manager, and CEO Jason Mace.

The Need for a Gear Shift: The Tech-Tradition Divide

The journey of buying a car, enriched with AR and seamless connectivity, often hits a speed bump at the payment phase, dragging customers back to dated transaction methods. This stark contrast not only dampens the buying spirit but also highlights the inefficiencies of traditional payment systems.

Addressing this gap, Chris Evans, BDM of Gala Technology, remarks, “The automotive industry is at a pivotal juncture. Open banking isn’t just changing the game; it’s creating a whole new playing field. It’s about transforming the buying journey, making it as smooth and secure as the cars we drive.”

Fuelling Change: Open Banking’s Road to Revolution

Open banking emerges as a beacon of hope, promising a streamlined, secure, and swift payment process. Its integration into the automotive sales process heralds a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Gala Technology’s SOTpay and Link Pay Bank platforms exemplify this shift, offering a payment solution that significantly reduces transaction fees and fortifies against fraud.

Jason Mace, CEO of Gala Technology, shares, “With one dealership saving an impressive £450,000 annually through open banking, the message is clear. This technology is not an optional luxury; it’s an essential strategy for staying ahead in a competitive market.”

The Five Pillars of Open Banking in Automotive Sales:

  • Cost Efficiency: Automating transactions to cut costs and bolster security.
  • Instant Gratification: Accelerating payments for a seamless buying experience.
  • A Fortress Against Fraud: Enhancing safety with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication.
  • Data Privacy in the Driver’s Seat: Empowering customers with secure and private financial transactions.
  • Elevating the Customer Journey: Differentiating dealerships through a flexible, seamless payment experience.


The Horizon: A Future Driven by Open Banking

The integration of open banking in car sales is not merely about refining payments; it’s reimagining the entire purchasing experience. It aligns the excitement of buying a new car with the efficiency and security of the payment process, setting the stage for a future where technology and customer satisfaction drive forward in unison.

Take the Wheel: The Call to Action

For dealerships at the crossroads of innovation, the path forward is illuminated: embracing open banking is a strategic imperative. In a landscape where distinction and customer delight are key, open banking provides the roadmap to success.

Don’t let your dealership idle in the shadows of the digital revolution. Accelerate into the future with open banking and turbocharge your sales trajectory.

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