Gala Tent Launches Covid 19 Marquee Building Service

The covid-19 pandemic has brought some major differences to the way we work, play, shop, and socialise. Social distancing regulations, for example, mean that store and business premises capacities are reduced, with strict one-in-one-out policies in smaller units.

Because of this reduction in capacities, thousands of businesses from different industries have purchased heavy duty marquees and commercial quality pop-up gazebos to effectively stretch their business footprint outwards, and bring a little of the inside to the outdoors. One such company to experience the increase in demand first-hand is Rotherham-based marquee manufacturer and retailer, Gala Tent.

The Leadership Team quickly acknowledged that with the massive upsurge in demand for their products, would come an increase in confused faces, scratched heads, and plenty of swearing. So, to help their many clients- new and old -to ensure they’re correctly using their commercial marquee, Gala Tent has launched a brand-new partnership that means no matter what their level of assistance needs, they can help to get the marquee erected.

Joining forces with Rotherham-based Events Management professionals, Your Event Cover, Gala Tent clients now have the option of contacting a dedicated help line to assist with any troubles they encounter erecting their product.

Gala Tent CEO, Jason Mace, has said this about the new service, “Over the last few months, demand for marquees has gone through the roof, and we appreciate that many of our new clients will be first-time owners, so this exciting new service available through Gala Tent should give them the best possible start in marquee ownership, and who knows? If they become experts, then they might go on and look to hire out their structures in the long term themselves.

My team are all experts in understanding our products and what makes them special, but we feel that the people who erect marquees on a daily and weekly basis are better suited to providing unrivalled advice from a user perspective, so we’re delighted to be joining forces with Chris and the team.”

Your Event Cover CEO, Chris Winterbourne, was equally pleased with the new direction the partnership has taken, “We’ve been using, hiring and building Gala Tent’s largest marquees for many years, and have always been happy to provide consultation on an as-and-when basis, so this step to create an official partnership that can benefit Gala Tent clients in the long term is a natural evolution.

Not everybody is able to fathom how to effectively and safely erect a marquee, so we’re looking forward to providing an education as part of our existing services, to take the stress from them in what is already a frustrating time.”

Gala Tent’s new services will fall into three specific categories, with free telephone-based help and advice, or a costed hands-on in-person training course, providing users with the knowledge to help themselves. Alternatively, for those who’d rather get on with something else, Your Event Cover will also offer a comprehensive marquee erection service, to take the stress away all together.

Founded in 1999, Gala Tent has grown to sell over 15,000 tents and marquees each year, along with around 90,000 event accessories and furniture products in the UK.

In the UK, Gala Tent is a preferred supplier for organisations including the military, NHS, the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, South Yorkshire Police Service, St John’s Ambulance and AA, as well as to thousands of homeworkers and homeowners nationally.

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