Get Control of Your Gas Costs this Winter

As we move into winter and the heating gets turned up, gas consumption peaks and so do the gas bills.  That’s why Energy Partner Professional Energy Purchasing are excited to announce the launch of a new gas reporting service to help customers manage their gas more efficiently.

This new Energy Management reporting service is aimed at businesses using at least 500,000 kWh of gas per year who would benefit from closer monitoring of their use.  For a small annual fee, the reports provide real-time consumption data through simple, concise dashboards available daily, weekly, or monthly to fit around a clients’ requirements.

The information is fed from an automated meter reading (AMR) device with a data logger which is installed on the gas meter.  Meter readings are collected remotely and provide information to help businesses with forecasting and cost management.

What kind of information will I receive?

Year by month gas report  

The reports provide gas consumption against historic data to identify any unusual spikes, and to highlight any potential inefficiencies that will help businesses reduce waste and future cost through better energy management.

Occupancy report

Another good measure is the occupancy report that is available.  By adding a company’s working hours, it would highlight any anomalies during unoccupied periods. This could be caused by a heating timer not working correctly or an item not being switched off. By having the data these can be identified and rectified.

Is there anything I can use as a small gas consumer?

Gas SMART meters can be installed for smaller businesses to provide accurate bills and readings which can be arranged direct with the gas supplier.  Government guidelines demand that all small business premises must be offered the chance to receive a SMART meter by 2024 to help reduce energy waste and the subsequent impacts on the environment.

Whatever the size of the business, with lockdowns and Christmas around the corner, only using gas that is absolutely necessary has to be a good thing.

Professional Energy Purchasing also offers Energy Management reports for customers with half-hourly electricity meters.

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