Give – especially as it’s World Kindness Day

GIVE is one of the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and is the one thing that costs nothing and can make a huge difference to the wellbeing and motivation of self and others.

Demonstrating gratitude and appreciation is scientifically proven in Psychology Today, Forbes, Harvard Health and Positive Psychology who regularly write articles about the positive impact being grateful and giving can have on our physical and mental wellbeing.
Today is World Kindness Day as well as Friday 13th 2020!. 

I wanted to share some ways in which you can GIVE and support those you care about,  who may also be running a small business and finding the current pandemic and lockdown a real challenge and needs some inspiration.
1. Write a recommendation on Linked In – If you have had an interaction with someone and they’ve made a difference to your life of business then share with the rest of the connections your experience. Here is a link to my profile and reviews that I’m grateful to have received and given

2. Leave a google review – A great opportunity to share the experience that you’ve had with an individual or organisation and these really help businesses get noticed as they move up the google ranking to page 1. If you’ve never done one before then reach out to the business owner, I’m sure they would be delighted to send you their link. I’ve currently got 10 reviews which has given me great insight and allowed me to engage further with the people who have given me them. Here is my link so you can see what people will send you

3. Leave a book review on Amazon – These all help the potential reader get a feel for the book that they will be purchasing and help the author remain higher on the list when readers are searching for topics. When authors get the reviews they provide valuable insight. and

4. Send Random Acts of Kindness – I’ve sent copies of my books to potential clients or as a thank you gift or birthday/Christmas gift, I’ve also sent my branded scented candle which was designed and produced by Jane Helliwell at Scent Styling Company to clients whom I’ve worked with for a period of time as a thank you for making an investment and trusting in the coaching process. It’s also really special when you receive things in the post, examples of gifts I’ve received are clotted cream fudge, a peace lily, flowers, prosecco, thank you cards, gift vouchers, the list is endless when you start to think about it. My children have also made cards which they have then sent to family and friends or left in library books for the person who reads the book to receive.

5. Provide Feedback – This is a gift, which when accepted with open arms can support personal growth. I have clients that frequently ask me for open, honest and constructive feedback that enables them to improve. This empowers them to be their best self which supports their mental wellbeing. It also opens up the conversation further to allow them to give me feedback which supports my personal growth. We all have blind spots and it’s helpful to raise awareness to the strengths as well as potential pitfalls.

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