GNR Personal Development Courses

Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber Members GNR Training are delighted to announce the launch of a new division of the business GNR Personal Development.

As an organisation the health and wellbeing of GNR Training employees and learners has been paramount to their successful and sustainable growth within the Rail Sector where GNR Training are Nationally recognised. Through listening to customers, partners, and colleagues GNR Training realised there was a huge requirement for easily accessible online and in person training to support Personal Development.

GNR Training are passionate about positive wellbeing and personal development. They encourage, throughout the organisation their teams to partake in Personal Trainer sessions which colleagues join in weekly. They also ensure that all the GNR colleagues can access training and development,  resulting in a motivated, engaged workforce and supporting positive retention of staff reflecting positively on GNR customers, clients, and partners.

GNR Personal Development was born from a genuine and authentic focus on caring for others, as a business they knew through the skills and abilities of all colleagues that they could support and make a difference to other people, enhancing personal development and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

The newly launched courses focus on a person-centred approach, and include Confidence and Self Awareness, Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Stress and Stress Management Techniques and Understanding the Importance of a balanced Diet and Regular Exercise to name but a few. The library of courses is being added to regularly so do keep an eye out, if you have a need GNR Personal Development have the solution!

CEO Rachael Tomkins a Veteran has also had a successful career as a Social Worker and is eager to enable as many people as possible to access these great courses. GNR are also a Silver Awarded Member of the Armed Forces Covenant.

GNR are fortunate to have colleagues who are also passionate about encouraging others from all walks of life, across all levels to develop themselves to be the best version of them and this is reflective on the service offered.

GNR Personal Development offers the opportunity for people from as young as 14 to access both the  online learning platform of short courses and the face-to-face delivery. The courses are engaging, empowering, and accredited from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

The courses can also be incorporated in an Employee Wellbeing package or become part of an organisational Wellbeing Strategy. The Employee Wellbeing Programmes are being developed on a bespoke basis as every business has different needs. GNR work with you, the employer, and your employees to identify what training needs you have. Employees are the biggest investment a business will make other than premises which means looking after your people will keep your business strong. With 1 in 5 people now suffering with their mental health this can be supported by providing the tools and coping mechanisms which can be learnt from these courses.

Employees can access the online portal and GNR can support the employee through 1-2-1 coaching to ensure they are being developed positively. GNR can and will bring the courses to your premises in order to achieve a wider reach, if that is appropriate and a better solution for your business needs. The Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health is an ideal course for a team to do together and is available for ages 16+.

As a business are you making difficult decisions with regards to redundancies? In these challenging times your teams could benefit by offering access to the courses as an additional support mechanism to help someone through that consultation period.

The courses are so accessible they can be implemented as part of a school curriculum, perfect for students, teachers, parents but also ideal for those who are looking for work and need to enhance their confidence to enable them to raise their aspirations and attain their goals in life.

To find out more about the courses available online and see the calendar of face-to-face courses or as an employer, would you like to explore our bespoke employee wellbeing packages?

Visit our GNR Personal Development website or contact the friendly GNR team  [email protected] or phone  01302 499939.


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