Government Must Work with Industry and International Partners to Find Solutions for International Travel – BCC

Responding to the update of the ‘green list’ for international travel, British Chambers of Commerce Co-Executive Director Hannah Essex said: 


Government must work with businesses, the aviation industry and international partners to uncover solutions to further expand international travel quickly and safely, for example through better use of testing and vaccine passports. While businesses will welcome today’s addition of further countries to the green list, most major markets for trade and investment remain off limits. The current situation is stifling firms’ ability to reconnect with overseas customers and suppliers or cultivate the new business relationships which will help power the recovery. 


Businesses want to see government do everything it can to continue drive down the cost of the tests required for business and leisure travellers. These costs must not be allowed to become an impediment to the viability of businesses, or on UK firms chances of staking a place in growing markets. 


Government should keep these lists under constant review rather than waiting until set dates to make updates. Being driven by data and not dates, there should be no hesitation in adding a country to the green list if the data shows it is safe to do so.” 

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