Granny Norbag is on a mission to save Christmas!

Yorkshire’s favourite Granny is calling on everyone to do something special this Christmas by putting a little something extra under their Christmas tree, to help those who have been affected by widespread flooding across South Yorkshire.

Granny is asking schools, workplaces and businesses to put a bucket or box under their Christmas tree and to collect donations for the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal.

The Flood Appeal is being run by local charity, South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) and the money raised is currently available to all households affected by flooding to help them meet their immediate needs whilst they deal with the damage to their homes.

The more money raised through the appeal the more financial aid SYCF will be able to give to help with the long term clean up and repairs needed to those homes worst affected. Which is why Granny Norbag has teamed up with the Foundation to help raise as much as possible so everyone can enjoy a warm and dry Christmas.

Granny Norbag has released her brand new single ’Under The Christmas Tree’ to help raise money and awareness for the SYCF Flood Appeal. Co-written and produced by William Price of Tunedin Music School Rotherham, this festive hit has the spirit of Christmas in every note.

The 91-year-old, who is tipped to be the next Ariana Grandma, jumped at the chance to support the charity and the flood victims. Granny Norbag said: “Well it was my friend Beryl who suggested it. You know, Beryl, the one with the wonky hip and the dodgy eye. She often looks like she’s doing the rhumba as she walks to the Post Office. Well Beryl said that my Christmas song would be a good way for people to put a bucket under their Christmas trees and collect a few coins. This can be done in schools, offices, shops – anywhere really.”

Under the guidance of Mrs McDool, St Bede’s School Choir in Rotherham have added some wonderful vocals to the song. Mr Sharp from the school also directed and produced the video that accompanies the single.

CEO of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation and the Flood Appeal Coordinator, Ruth Willis said: “We have had a tremendous response to the flood appeal so far and we are already getting relief payments out to all the households flooded across South Yorkshire. We are continuing our work to raise funding for all those people who have been devastated by the flooding and with Granny Norbag’s help we are sure we will receive generous gifts from under many Christmas trees to the appeal, thanks to her amazing efforts and catchy Christmas single.”

You can listen to Granny Norbag’s new song ‘Under the Christmas Tree’ by going to:

The South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal has so far raised over £450,000 to support those affected by the floods.

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