Growing Your Online Presence During Coronavirus Outbreak

For many businesses, the coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty and a sense of fear. For others, it brings opportunity.

No one wants to profit out of this terrible global situation, but it is human nature to try and look for the best in every situation. For lots of people, this will be a perfect opportunity to help others, innovate their business model, or even just open themselves up to new markets.

In this article, you will find 5 great ways to grow your business online and keep your inbound enquiries flowing.

1) Keep Blogging

Blogging form a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. If you aren’t directly answering questions people type into Google, how do you expect them to find your services?

Blogging isn’t as much of a chore as you might first think-it can actually be quite enjoyable to research your topic and write about a subject you are already expert in.

If you need help getting started, there is a great course here that can get you going.

2) Stay Social

Social media is definitely a task each and every business owner should be doing daily. Aim to post something at least twice a day on each of your platforms.

But don’t just talk about your services,

Share interesting articles, give people the benefit of your experience with free tips, and tell them about your happy customers.

Plus, it is a great way of sharing your fantastic blogs and getting people on your website!

Remember, it is SOCIAL media. Be social!

If you’re struggling to know how to maximise your impact online, have a look here.

3) Keep In Touch

Email marketing is a great way of alerting your loyal customer base of your special offers and that you are still here.

Share your blogs on your email newsletter too!

If you don’t already have an email mailing list, reach out to your current network and ask if they would mind being added. Most people would be happy to help you out. And don’t forget you can use the Chamber email list too!

Use a platform like Mailchimp to manage your newsletter.

4) Invest in PPC

PPC might seem like a bit outgoing when times are tough, but it really can pay its own way.

PPC gets you more targeted traffic on your site. That means people who actually want your services are finding your website.

And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if it is properly managed. Have a look here for an affordable PPC support package.

5) Seek Advice

Finally, if you are struggling, reach out and ask for advice.

Most business owners are more than happy to help with free advice. We are all in this together. We have a collective responsibility to work together to ensure we all have businesses to come back to.

For digital marketing advice, please contact Hannah at GrowTraffic on 0161 706 0012 or email Hannah on [email protected].

We are here to help and support as much as we can.

Free Facebook Live Sessions

GrowTraffic is running free Facebook Live sessions weekly to help people navigate this strange time.

Using our extensive network and collective knowledge we are hosting live sessions every Friday at 1pm to offer advice and support.

Each week we will be joined by guests who are experts in their field.

Taking Your Business Online-27th March 1-2pm

How to go from an offline business to an online business. Practical advice and guidance from IT, marketing, and hospitality.

Maintaining Mental Health 3rd April 1-2pm

Keeping yourself and your team sane and healthy through nutrition, physical activity, NLP, and more.

Keeping Productivity Going 10th April 1-2pm

Managing workloads, motivating yourself and others, and ensuring staff can manage caring commitments whilst still being productive.

Juggling Work And Home Schooling 17th April 1-2pm

How the heck are we supposed to do both? Advice from child wellbeing experts, teachers of older children and parents who have done it already.

Keeping Compliant 24th April 1-2pm

Are your policies and IT systems ready for home working? How to make sure you and your team are still compliant with GDPR, HR, H&S and all the other acronyms.

More will be added. Get in touch with ideas! Got to the GrowTraffic Facebook page to join.

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