Hogen Systems and Altitude Water Forge Strategic Alliance to Expand Reach of Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

Hogen Systems ( and Altitude Water ( proudly announce their strategic alliance aimed at advancing the accessibility of Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology globally. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the efforts to address the pressing need for sustainable potable water solutions. 

Under this alliance, Hogen Systems will spearhead the marketing and distribution of Altitude Water’s cutting-edge AWGs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Meanwhile, Altitude Water will maintain its focus on manufacturing and serving the other global markets where they already have a presence. Leveraging their respective expertise and market leadership, both companies mutually endorse each other, enhancing credibility and trust within the industry. 

“At Hogen Systems, we are thrilled to partner with Altitude Water, a fellow pioneer in Atmospheric Water Generation technology,” said Derek Gennard, Managing Director at Hogen Systems. “This strategic alliance not only strengthens our market presence in Europe but also aligns with our shared vision of leveraging innovation to address global water challenges.” 

Altitude Water echoes this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm for the collaborative opportunities ahead. “We are excited to join forces with Hogen Systems to extend the reach of our AWG solutions,” commented Jeff Szur, Chief Operations Officer at Altitude Water. “Together, we are poised to make significant strides in advancing access to clean drinking water, benefiting communities worldwide. Our mantra is teamwork makes the dream work and both companies agree we are stronger together” 

Beyond expanding market reach, the alliance between Hogen Systems and Altitude Water underscores a commitment to ongoing research, development, and innovation. By pooling resources and expertise, both companies aim to drive continuous improvement in AWG technology, making it more efficient, sustainable, and accessible to all. 

 “We believe that by working together, we can achieve far more than we could individually. Our joint dedication to innovation will play a pivotal role in realizing our shared mission of ensuring clean, potable water for every person, regardless of location or circumstance. We were also excited by the partnership that Altitude developed with NUE Energy for storage and solar alternatives that will add to what we can offer our customers”, Mr. Gennard concluded. 

“We look forward to the expertise Derek and his team will provide in an area of the world that Altitude has not even attempted to develop.  We also look forward to their input on the design and manufacturing process. We had great meetings at our facility recently and have a comprehensive roadmap for the future”, Szur added 

As global water scarcity continues to escalate, partnerships like this are essential in advancing solutions that address this critical issue. Hogen Systems and Altitude Water are proud to embark on this journey together, united in their commitment to making a positive impact on the world. 

About Hogen Systems: 

Hogen Systems is a leading provider of Atmospheric Water Generation technology, dedicated to delivering sustainable water solutions for a changing world. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Hogen Systems empowers communities and businesses to access clean, potable water where it is needed most. For more information, visit 

About Altitude Water: 

Altitude Water is a global leader in Atmospheric Water Generation technology, committed to revolutionising access to clean drinking water worldwide. Through cutting-edge innovation and unwavering dedication, Altitude Water provides scalable, sustainable solutions to address the growing challenges of water scarcity. Learn more at 

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