How businesses can manage their cashflow as they start to reopen

The impacts of the pandemic will be felt well into the future but for now, businesses are taking their first steps in gradually reopening.  Coffee shops and cafes are welcoming customers inside, hairdressers and beauty salons are switching on their lights and workers are starting to return to the office.

Despite these first steps, trading will continue to be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, who will have seen their cash flow significantly hit and who need to take a firm control on what they are spending.

Smart meters enable accurate billing, helping to take the stress out of budgeting and putting you back in control. Plus, smart meters send your gas and electricity readings directly to your energy supplier so you don’t have to.

Firms with 10 employees or less could be eligible and as a first step businesses should contact their energy supplier.

To find out more please click here You can also contact your energy supplier or broker.  It could be one of the best calls you make this week.

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