How full fibre can benefit your business to enjoy a more flexible future

CityFibre is working to connect communities and businesses across the UK. We’re investing up to £4 billion nationwide to bring full fibre digital infrastructure within reach of up to eight million homes and 800,000 businesses, ensuring communities across South Yorkshire have the digital foundations they need to thrive.

In Rotherham, our £29m full fibre rollout is set to future-proof the town’s digital infrastructure and provide nearly every home and businesses with access to reliable, high speed and high-capacity full fibre broadband.

Construction work began in July 2020 and the network is now completed in parts of Kimberworth, Bradgate and Deepdale. What’s more, the first customers are already live and able to access gigabit-capable internet courtesy of purebroadband.

CityFibre are also building in multiple other locations across South Yorkshire including Barnsley which has received a £32m investment in the network roll-out and once live, residents and businesses will be able to connect through a range of internet service providers.

What is full fibre and why do we need it?

Reliable and fast connectivity is vital to all businesses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us have had to adopt entirely new ways of working and carrying out everyday activities. Particularly with job roles that were once dependent on office-based working, many organisations have now opted to take a more flexible approach, offering a remote or hybrid structure to suit employee needs. All of this has been made possible by digital technology and its ability to provide us with a socially-isolated gateway to normal life – whether that be work, the high street and entertainment, or the comforts of friendship and family that we all need.

Those who have joined the homeworking community more recently will now be realising a host of benefits, from spending less time and money on travel, to enjoying a better work-life balance.

What are the benefits?

For businesses, it can also drive higher staff retention rates, encouraging loyalty from those seeking a better balance or increased flexibility. With increased homeworking, businesses could also consider moving to smaller, more flexible premises, reducing their carbon footprint further. They might also even have access to an increased talent pool, with homeworking making it possible for people who may not be able to travel for all sorts of reasons, including disability or caring responsibilities, to enter the workforce.

What’s holding us back?

The benefits are clear. But our technology isn’t there yet. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, a good internet connection is not just a nice to have– it’s a necessity.

CityFibre-backed research shows that 78 per cent of UK consumers felt slowed down and frustrated by their internet connection. But for homeworkers, that figure increased to 82 per cent. Indeed, almost all homeworkers (99%) agreed that a better connection would enable them to work from home more often, with a third saying that doing so would improve their work-life balance and improve stress.

For those opting to work in an office, a full fibre connection is essential to help with day-to-day tasks, seamless downloading of files and transfers, and of course clear video calls which we are now reliant on in our modern approach to working.

Change is coming

The solution has to be full fibre digital connectivity. Unlike the legacy copper networks used by most of the country, full fibre is the fastest – and most reliable – option there is. CityFibre’s investment in the region will help to unlock the workplace and workforce of the future – whether that be in the office or at home.

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