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A high profile business survey is now open for all business people across the Sheffield City Region to answer questions on topical matters in the workplace. The results will be used by the region’s Chambers of Commerce and government to gain a snapshot of business sentiment and be better informed for making key strategic decisions on supporting business growth and the economy.

This quarter’s Quarterly Economic Review includes questions on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Many studies have shown that employee wellness is linked to enhanced productivity via reduced sickness levels and better mental attitudes. Employers are increasingly being encouraged to promote wellness within their workplace.

To gain an understanding of if and how employers in the region are addressing this issue, the survey asks the questions: Have sickness levels within your organisation increased or decreased over the last 3 years? Does your business actively engage in wellness programmes for your employees? Knowing that healthier workforce’s are more productive would you be prepared to invest in employee wellness in the future?

Hundreds of businesses will take part in the survey and their feedback will be used to ensure the right business support and policies are in place to ensure employees’ wellbeing is recognised as being important in the workplace, and to allow the Chambers to lobby effectively to support it.

Richard Wright, Executive Director of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce said: “The Sheffield City Region Quarterly Economic Review is an important vehicle for key stakeholders to keep abreast of business sentiment and ensure local, regional and national policies are addressing their needs. This quarter the survey asks businesses about if and how they address wellbeing in the workplace. We all know that it’s an important issue but often it can slip down the agenda. Wellness is linked to productivity and we want to know where businesses are at with his issue in our region.”

The Quarterly Economic Review is run by the Sheffield City Region’s four Chambers of Commerce with the backing of the Local Enterprise Partnership and Growth Hub and Sheffield University Management School. It is part of the UK’s biggest business survey run through the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) network and polls around 10k businesses each quarter to monitor business trends. The nationally combined results are used by the BCC to inform Governmental policy-makers and by the Bank of England and Treasury when making monetary policies and setting rates.

The survey is open until 11 June 2018 and can be taken by CEOs or senior managers to do a quick sense check on how their business is faring. It also asks questions on sales & turnover, skills & labour, and international trade. Survey entrants will be entered into a free prize draw to win corporate tickets to watch Cirque de Soleil at FlyDSA Arena, courtesy of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

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