Innovative Future at Mattress Online With Senior Hire

Tech-driven retailer Mattress Online has welcomed Martin Adams as Chief Innovation Officer.

Martin has been unofficially involved in a consultancy capacity with fast-growing Mattress Online since it was founded 19 years ago but now takes up a position on the Leadership Team as part of the newly created role.

He joins the business, alongside brother and Chief Executive Officer Steve Adams, to help drive an innovative, tech-focused future growth strategy.

“Mattress Online has experienced rapid growth over the past two years and I am thrilled to take on this key role and build on the wealth of experience already in evidence,” said Martin.

“These are exciting times when both technology and consumer experience are starting to change in terms of an evolving digital-first experience and augmentation with offline.

“Having been on the Mattress Online journey alongside Steve since the early days, I am confident that the expertise and experience I bring will bolster the strategic role I’m embarking on and cement us as innovators and leaders in our industry.”

Chief Executive Officer Steve Adams said: “Martin has been instrumental in Mattress Online’s evolution and to bring him on board officially is great news for the business and customers.

 “As part of his new role, Martin will remain tech-focused, but he will be continually looking at ways we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our customer offering as well as planning how we innovate and stay futureproof across all areas of the business”.

This year Mattress Online has branched into physical stores with the acquisition of premises in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

The ambitious business plans to roll out a further nine stores across the UK in the next five years which blend the best of online retail with a physical, in-store experience.

Mattress Online has also recently added roles across its digital and commercial operations taking its headcount to almost 80.

Additional investment in extra warehouse space has increased the Rotherham-based company’s footprint to approximately 135,000 square feet.

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