Inspiring Student Worker Awards 2024

On Monday 13th May a celebration awards event was held for our University of Sheffield students and employers who were nominated in the prestigious 2024 Inspiring Student Worker Awards. Both nominated students and employers were invited along with their nominators.

These awards are organised by University of Sheffield Careers & Employability Service. The awards aim to recognise exceptional student and employer contribution to the workplace through a part-time job, vacation work, short-term or summer internship. Students are awarded for going above and beyond their job role on a regular basis, exceeding expectations on a given project and/or making a significant contribution that has had a positive impact on the organisation.

Employers are invited to nominate their student workers in the following categories;

  • Significant Contribution
  • Leadership
  • Innovation & Problem Solving
  • Team

Students are also invited to nominate their outstanding employers who have offered transformative employment opportunities; who have provided an exceptional commitment to training/development; support diversity initiatives; been flexible around the student’s studies; and/or understands the importance of skills development for the student’s future career.

We are pleased to announce that this year 95 eligible nominations (a combination of student and employer) were received.

During the evening there was a selection of speakers including the awards presenter Deputy Vice-President for Education Matt Marshall and the Head of Careers & Employability Kerry Hyde. This was a wonderful occasion to celebrate our amazing students and the fantastic employers who offer these transformative work opportunities.

Congratulations to all our student and employer nominees and in particular the winners!

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