Installation of the new Master Cutler

Installation of the new Master Cutler

10:53 04 October in Business News

The 379rd Master Cutler, Kenneth Cooke, was installed in a formal ceremony on the first Tuesday in October, in keeping with tradition and maintaining the unbroken line of Master Cutlers since 1624.

The ceremony at the Cutlers’ Hall and at Sheffield Cathedral was attended by several hundred Freeman, Friends of the Company and specially invited guests.

Ken Cooke, who was born in the East End of Sheffield and was educated at the Central Technical School and Granville College, is the sole owner of CTW (Hardfacing) Ltd.

As a self-made business man, he has no illusions about the next 12 months. “For business and the country, the coming year will be full of uncertainty,” he said. “Although there has been a huge amount of speculation as to the outcome of the Brexit negotiations that is all it is – speculation. None of us really knows what is going to happen and how good or otherwise it will be for any of us.

“During my term of office as Master Cutler my prime aim will be to support the Cutlers’ Company in promoting the Sheffield City Region, pointing out its potential, opportunities, qualities and values. This is my city and I intend to make sure everyone I meet learns to value it as I do.”

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