Instincts Training Achieves CPD Accreditation for Their Courses

Instincts Training Achieves CPD Accreditation for Their Courses

10:40 24 August in Member News

Instincts Training is proud to announce that their comprehensive training programs have been officially accredited by the CPD Certification Service. This accreditation further establishes Instincts Training as a leading provider of high-quality professional development courses.

The CPD Certification Service is renowned for its rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that accredited courses meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. Instincts Training’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with CPD’s criteria, making this accreditation a significant achievement.

Find Instincts Training on the CPD website:

About Instincts Training

Instincts Training has been set up to pass on knowledge to you in Personal Safety, to give you the confidence to deal with situations that could be potentially harmful or dangerous. We cover everything from initially planning your journey out, understanding your surroundings, being aware of the situation, power talking, conflict resolution and de-escalation, body language and tone of voice, avoidance and if all this fails, self-defence. Whether it be a night out for socialising or visiting a clients house or everything else in between, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to stay safe.

Kieran Bridges
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