Is This The Future Of Sales? New Book By Sheffield-Based Entrepreneurs

Businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors are under pressure to generate more revenue without adding costs. Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey, 2021-22, shows that the Marketing Budget as % of revenue dropped from 11% in 2020 to 6.4% in 2021. Selling is constantly evolving. Buyers are too. They want their sales team to work harder and smarter, so we see a new reality for sales, and this is a challenge. It is a new type of selling, and the sales force is under duress. This shift makes the need for sales training more important than ever. According to the 2020 study by ValueSelling Associates and Selling Power, underperforming salespeople report that they receive moderate-to-low levels of sales training (both on product and skills) and lack the support of a formal sales coaching program. 19% of salespeople do not receive sales training, 19% receive training less than once a year, 23% receive training once and year and 39% two or more times a year. 89% of salespeople report they have no formal sales coaching program. Sales teams are also now experiencing anxiety as they return to face-to-face meetings. The good news is that there are many ways sales leaders can increase sales using tools and techniques that improve sales culture and bring financial returns. According to a new book by Sheffield-based leading business consultant and author Steve Knapp and marketing expert Rob Taylor, recognising their customers’ motivation and setting up more efficient processes is the game-changer. The book ‘Modern Sales Leadership” challenges the traditional view that sales is just about numbers and shows how businesses can sell better by improving their marketing and sales processes.

Steve and Rob say that there are ten factors to remember when creating a winning sales culture and getting a return on investment, –they provide these in-depth during their comprehensive sales training–They are:


  1. Salespeople can rarely tell you why they are ineffective, but they can show you.
  2. Sales metrics are essential: Set several daily revenue-producing activities.
  3. Increase activity. Sales is a numbers game.
  4. Bad apples are costing you sales.
  5. Recognise your top producers to get them more results.
  6. Selling is emotional; it takes energy, and salespeople need vision.
  7. The role of sales is vital. Pay them extra well and promote their importance.
  8. Sales training is a critical aspect of any successful sales team.
  9. Amplify accountability. Amplify results.
  10. Build a sales team with well road-tested, practical scripts.


In this new world of technology, the nature of sales has changed. Sales leaders need to encourage their team to be agile to customer needs, loyal and more open to embracing change, self-accountable, happy to take responsibility with increased overall effectiveness.

Steve and Rob said, “Businesses that embrace modern values will attract and retain talent, grow their business, and ultimately succeed. The key is to understand that the customer is the ultimate judge of whether you’re successful and whether your brand will be relevant in their lives. When you have that kind of understanding, it becomes easier to build a culture of relevance by ensuring everything you do is about the customer, your values, internal processes, interactions with employees, and external communications. When it comes to marketing, there is a tendency to think that the sole purpose of marketing is to generate sales. This marketing myth is particularly true in manufacturing, engineering, and chemical businesses, where sales are often the top priority. But this myopic view of marketing can only lead to frustration and failure. Marketing has multiple purposes that go well beyond just driving sales. Sales and marketing teams need to converge on a winning strategy.”

Steve Knapp is one of the UK’s most celebrated and influential sales experts. A best-selling author of “Funnel Vision” and keynote speaker– his inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell UK, one of the world’s biggest brands. Clients of the Sheffield-based entrepreneur include Shell UK, Whitbread, NOCN, Certas Energy, Fire Depot and many others. Rob Taylor is an award-winning marketing professional with two decades of professional marketing experience. He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it. Over the years, Rob has worked with globally recognised companies to help introduce modern marketing concepts and projects to support the workforce; these include Amazon, Google, Shell UK, and Live Nation.

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