IVS Materials Handling answered a call for help today…

IVS Materials Handling answered a call for help today…

15:07 23 April in Member News

“We are a team of clinical nurse specialists for tissue viability, which basically means we know a thing or two about wounds, in particular pressure ulcers. In the current NHS covid-19 crisis we are mainly supporting ward staff in maintaining the skin integrity of patients who are unable to care for themselves. Patients with coronavirus are at extremely high risk of developing pressure ulcers, or bed sores as they are often referred to, and we aim to prevent these from occurring. 

We have finally been allocated an office base (hooray!) but have nowhere to keep our dinners and drinks cool for when we manage to take a break. We desperately need a fridge to assist in keeping us hydrated and nourished while we care for poorly patients. Does anyone have an old one to donate? “

In this, our 20th year, this will be the most challenging for us all.  ‘IVS Materials Handling’ may last another few months or continue for another 20-year journey, but while we can, we offer a small gift to help some people that help us. This is the true and brutal reality of this Covid-19 journey.

Thank you each and every person fulfilling your calling to keep us all in good health!

Thank you Nurses and Doctors!

Thank you, NHS!

What have we donated?

  • A brand-new fridge delivered to the hospital.
  • Stocked with water, drinks, tea, coffee, biscuits
  • And an auction prize of a full children’s play forklift truck worth £275, of which all proceeds will go back into the NHS.


Why are we doing this?

How do we all get the things we need? Medical supplies, food, clothes… and how do we get it?  Home delivery? Supermarkets? Cash and carry’s?

Every product produced and built and /or shipped into this country is handled by some kind of forklift truck.

Every forklift truck needs an engineer to fix it, a company to supply a part for it, someone to train them how to use it and the infrastructure to arrange it all.

 We are essential workers too

  • We need years of training to be engineers
  • We enjoy interacting with people.
  • We enjoy the challenge of fixing things.
  • But we get upset too, we have people at home that are vulnerable, and we know that people need us- but still we go out to work, take every precaution we can, but the danger is still there.
  • We currently live with families, partners, dependants, brothers and sisters and parents that also have front line jobs and we can’t be with them in the same house.


The World doesn’t stop turning and consumer purchases are also changing, but we have a small number of weeks to hopefully curb the worst. Consider how urgent your purchase is.

What we do is important, essential even, but nothing compared to what nurses and doctors go through.  The mindset, resilience, empathy and shear drive in the face of fear, uncertainty and relentless pressure is something that sets apart any similarities you may find in normal people.

They protect the people that mean the most to us, and they are unearthing the values for the NHS that some had thought forgotten. We all knew these people were there, we all knew they were important, but until now we never saw the opportunity to mobilise and really show the appreciation that they were due!

We don’t have much to give but we can donate what we have to assist in this battle. You give your mind, body and being; the least we can give is things to support you.

Your commitment is the epitome of what makes you the angels of the NHS.


What will you do to help?

Shane Young

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