Local businesses join forces to set up business support partnership

Four local organisations based in the Sheffield City Region have joined forces to set up a new business to help start-up and early stage SMEs get off the ground.

The South Yorkshire Business Support Partnership, run by business owners from Velocity Accounting Solutions, Dentech IT, Hallmark Branding and RD&M Web Designers, has been set up to offer timely business advice and support to local business owners, to ensure they set off on the right path by taking care of essential business activities behind the scenes.

The partnership provides access to four key business areas – accounting, IT, marketing, and web design, for one simple and affordable monthly fee.

Brendan Hall, Marketing Consultant at Hallmark Branding comments: “Having all experienced the process of starting and growing a business, we are well versed in what support is required in the early stages of the business lifecycle. We also know how difficult it can be to find a support partner that offers the right level of experience, at the right budget.

“That’s why we have set up the South Yorkshire Business Support Partnership, to provide local business owners with access to four key business areas, without having to incur the costs of four separate companies.”

Luke Denman, IT Consultant at Dentech IT adds: “Each partner is an established specialist in their sector, bringing a wealth of experience to help local business owners set off on the right path to business growth.

“Entrusting these time consuming business support tasks to professionals like us allows more time to do what is important in these early stages – running the business.”

Mike Robinson, Web Designer at RD&M Web Designers comments: “Our collaborative approach is designed to be flexible and provide access to the services that matter most to early stage business owners.

“It may be that you need support from all four of our partners, or just one. The service is designed to be flexible so you can simply choose the services you need, from the partner that supplies them.”

Donna Hardman, Chartered Accountant at Velocity Accounting Solutions concludes: “There is plenty of support available to people wanting to start a business, but after that point there is very little in terms of a structured follow on to help businesses grow and prosper.

“As we all work with similar types of clients, we feel our collaborative approach is ideal to offer that next level of support to local businesses.”

The South Yorkshire Business Support Partnership is open for business, and further information can be found here on their website:

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