Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIP)

Developing a skills system to support businesses to thrive and grow

The Department for Education has announced eight regional areas approved to trailblaze a Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP). LSIPs are led by local employer representative bodies and have been created to address concern within the business community regarding their ability to influence the provision of skills training enabling them to fill vacancies and address skills gaps.

The South Yorkshire (SY) LSIP Trailblazer is led by Doncaster, Sheffield, and Barnsley and Rotherham Chambers of Commerce working with the SY Colleges Group – Doncaster, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Dearne Valley, Northern College, and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). The LSIP vision is to:

Place business engagement at the heart of the regional skills response to increase productivity and maximise economic impact.

South Yorkshire’s LSIP will describe how together we can build a genuinely agile skills system. Shaped by new data and insight from businesses, we will challenge us all to think differently about how we can train and empower people to drive businesses forward as changes in our economy accelerate.

The SY LSIP Trailblazer will...

• Authentically put skills planning in the hands of businesses for the first time. Team LSIP will achieve three things:
o We will identify the digital skills requirements of SY’s legacy, maturing, and emerging sectors.
o We will enhance existing skills strategies with qualitative insight sourced from the region’s employers, including the ‘unusual suspects’.
o We will identify removable barriers in the skills system that prevent talent development.
• Improve the quality of skills debate in SY and stimulate demand for skills investment in the region.
• Work with colleges and training providers as part of the same team to respond to the needs of businesses creating solutions which add value to workforces.
• Move quickly and use expert advice to triangulate research and data and identify what we know, our assumptions, and what we don’t know.
• Bring Team SY together and be visible in the business community.
• Work with local as well as national partners to ensure local success meets national policy.
• Make a difference and create something different in the SY region.

How do I get involved and find out more?

Over the coming weeks we will be contacting you with details of a series of stakeholder events aimed at bringing our industry partners together to listen and learn about your challenges and barriers.

The events will aim to bring out the detail across your risks, opportunities, issues, and successes which will feed into the ongoing research being carried out.  If you want to know more or require a conversation, please contact Suzy Broadhead at sbroadhead@doncaster-chamber.co.uk.

Visit the South Yorkshire Skills Accelerator website