Meet Wally, the Little Fella Who Had One Tough Morning

He was found on a frosty morning, struggling to stand on the frozen pond in our Wilderness Walkthrough, with a severe injury to his tail! With quick thinking from the keepers, Wally was whisked off to the vets and his tail was saved from being amputated!

Once Wally was back at the Tropical Butterfly House, the staff hoped his mum would welcome him back with an open pouch. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The staff were heartbroken, but they weren’t giving up on Wally!

So, the keepers have taken little Wally under their wing. He is carried around in a cosy replica pouch, and is fed every few hours to keep his tummy full and energy up. He is growing day by day, gaining more and more strength.

With the cold weather around the corner, a member of staff’s mum has knitted him a trendy jumper and a little hat to keep him warm and cosy, themed around a popular 80’s children’s animated character of the same name.

While the staff hope to reunite Wally with his family when he is older, for now, he is making the best of his new home, snuggling up with his new friends, and charming everyone with his irresistible gangliness.

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