International Trade, Export & Logistics

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood

Managing Director
Business Class UK

An international trade and business adviser helping companies expand their operations into Asian markets. I show you the way to expansion into the Far East.

Are you thinking about expanding abroad? Would you like to set up your businesses in new markets in the Far East? How do you move into Asia? I assist corporations to expand or move to markets abroad; particularly in Asia. I help you plan, find your route and start your operations in Asia. I have the solutions to your worries about business abroad.

I advise and assist businesses to expand operations to the Far East. Use my knowledge base from Asia to assist you navigate the pitfalls and create a fast track successful expansion into Far East Markets.

Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley

Corrosion Resistant Materials

I have 15 years sales experience which includes

Managing internal/External sales teams

Setting budgets, forecasts, KPIs etc for the company – responsible for budgets exceeding £10 million

Export Sales to over 45 different countries

Starting up Export divisions within companies – going from start up to over 1.5 million turnover within 12 months

Working within the Steel Sector

Developing agent networks worldwide including India, China, Singapore, Brazil

Purchasing from within the UK and worldwide importing

Director level – responsible for quality systems such as ISO 9001 as well as end user approvals. Also looking after cash flow and payments in/out