Metalliform Editorial- Celebrating 75 years – Peter Brier Executive Chairman

Metalliform Editorial- Celebrating 75 years – Peter Brier Executive Chairman

09:45 26 September in Member News

Metalliform Holdings Limited, a local employer located in Hoyland are proudly celebrating its 75th year in business. The company was incorporated in 1944 and at that time it manufac-tured products for the War Effort, these included steel beds and dog kennels for the military.

After the War, Metalliform continued to manufacture for the M.O.D. but also diversified into the production of Educational Furniture. Much later in 1990 it further developed into the sta-dia seating sector this included Football Stadiums, Rugby, Cricket and many other Sporting Arenas.

More recently, Metalliform has acquired Fisher Plastics who specialise in Plastic Injection Moulding. Fisher’s will supply mouldings into Metalliform and thus complete Metalliforms U.K manufacturing supply chain process.
Being part of the Robert Maxwell Empire Metalliform unfortunately fell into receivership. In the mid-90s Bill Hall bought Metalliform out of receivership and headed the company until 1998 when he appointed Peter Brier, the current C.E.O. Metalliform went through a CVA in 2004 and as a consequence Peter acquired the majority shareholding which still stands as of today.

Like all long established companies, Metalliform has had a turbulent time however it has managed to overcome and survive these troublesome and testing times.

Metalliform has been a major employer in the Hoyland area for 75 years; Metalliform howev-er has not always enjoyed a good local reputation. There was a time when it was rumoured that parents would tell their children to try harder at school and pass their exams otherwise they would end up working at Metalliform! Furthermore, they must have done something right as they currently have more than 50 percent of staff with long services of greater than 10 years’ and 5 members of staff with greater than 40 years’ service.

Today Metalliform are proud to be part of the Made In Briatin Campaign, is one of the UK’s largest Educational Furture Manufacturers supplying innovative furniture to Schools, Colleges, Officers, Local Authorities and so on.
Tempting providence, the future looks good for Metalliform and long may that continue.

Peter Brier
Executive chairman

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