Mission Nutrition is a unique approach to Good nutrition

Mission Nutrition is a unique approach to Good nutrition

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Through physical and online Nutrition Clubs, and a 13 year background in health and fitness, Sarah and Andy and their team have directly and indirectly helped 1000’s of people throughout Yorkshire and the UK lose weight, increase energy, and improve overall health and wellbeing.    We pride ourselves on providing a Balanced, fun approach with balanced nutrition and supplementation.   Our results driven approach of 1-2-1 coaching, community support and simple to follow nutrition plans, means our clients learn how to swap bad for better, for longterm lifestyle changes to  ditch the “I’m on a diet” mentality forever!

Now if you hadn’t noticed… it’s nearly Christmas, that magical time of year when we spend happy times, drinking, eating and well… maybe getting a teeny bit merry.

Christmas is a truly magical time of year, but it’s the worst time of year  to stay on top of health or fitness goals!  Mincepies on every corner, compulsory tins of quality street, roses or both! Special edition Festive Cinnamon mocha chocca from Costa…. And why not indulge, after all its Christmas and we’ve been good all year and let’s be honest, this year more than any we definitely deserve to enjoy it!

So in the spirit of wishing peace and goodwill to all men and women we’d like to give you some tips to enjoy the festive period without all this year’s efforts to stay healthy disappearing up the chimney with Santa and his sack!!!


Breakfast like a champ

Breakfast sets you up for the day and skipping breakfast can actually contribute to weight gain. Avoid simple insulin spiking carbs like toast, cereal and instead choose protein rich foods like scrambled Eggs add salmon or avocado for some healthy fats. Pushed for time?, Natural Greek Yoghurt or a nutritionally balanced protein shake are a great choice!


Be a boy scout

BE PREPARED!  Don’t leave home without healthy snacks.  When rushing around shopping, delivering presents and basically meeting ourselves coming back, it’s easy to grab sugary high fat snacks. Keep healthy  snacks like nuts, or fruit in your bag for a better option.  Have them at home too so you aren’t tempted by the choccies.


Keep moving

We LOVE the gym but this year’s shown that we can get still stay fit when it’s closed.

When it comes to exercise our motto is if it ain’t fun, it ain’t getting done!   Bundle the family up in winter coats and head out for long winter Walks. LISS (Low intensity steady state) Cardio such a walking is a fantastic way to burn fat.

Christmas parties may be off the menu this year but you can still bring the party home, Put on Christmas tunes, flick the fairy lights and make your own Disco!  Dancing’s a fun way to burn off the excess mincepies.  Or why not dig out the exercise DVD Auntie Maureen bought you 3 years ago and get a sweat on.  Exercise won’t just burn calories, it keeps stress levels at bay too and Christmas is stressful enough!


Savour the moment

If you’re going to indulge and honestly, after the year we’ve had you should, make it worth it! Make the most of that food. Eat slowly, really indulge every mouthful.  Pause as you chew, lay down your fork and savour every flavour.   You’ll enjoy it more, plus signals from brain to stomach have time to know you’re full.


Don’t wait up for Santa

Resist the temptation to stay up watching Christmas films and stick to a good sleep/wake up routine.

Poor Sleep can cause weight gain.  When you’re sleep-deprived, the stress hormone cortisol increases and it’s a killer for increasing appetite.


Mind your drinks

Ok so we know you’re going to have a drink or 3 and why not, it’s Christmas after all!   But if you want to keep the waistline from expanding too much from those empty booze calories be savvy with your sauvignon.   Avoid calorific drinks like beer or Lager. Choose clear spirits like Vodka or Gin and watch your mixers. Pick low calorie tonics or diet soda’s . Red wine is slightly better than white and if you’re pushing the boat out, a good quality champagne packs around 90 cals with only 3g of Carbs and 1g of Sugar. Cheers!


And Finally…. it’s Christmas DAY not Christmas Month…

Christmas day is not for dieting! yep you heard us! and if you Eat healthily most of the time In the run up to the big day you can still let go on Christmas day without Doing too much damage. BUT starting  Christmas in November with a “there’s no point trying, it’s Christmas” attitude is a recipe for disaster and quite possibly an extra 5-10 lbs of weight come January 1st!     NEWSFLASH Christmas is one Day!  Even if you’re a party monster going for it Christmas eve, boxing day and new years Eve that’s still only 3 days out of 31….. Be honest.. Christmas season starts 24th of December & ends on 1st January – at a stretch. Keep eating like you’re Santa in training for any longer and you could end up paying for it into 2021 and beyond….


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