Mission Nutrition Rotherham swap running shoes for bicycles and ride to Cologne

Sarah and Andrew Tattersfield from Mission Nutrition Rotherham are celebrating after last month completing one of the most challenging pursuits of their lives – the London to Cologne bike ride! The local Herbalife Nutrition members from Heath formed part of a 67-strong team that took on the four-day challenge. 

Navigating their way from Trafalgar Square in London to Harwich, the group’s journey continued through the Netherlands before finishing at the foot of the Gothic masterpiece – Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Herbalife Nutrition has supported Action for Children since 2007 and this latest pursuit has raised over £30k for the charity which will go towards funding nutritional meals and healthy lifestyle programs at Action for Children centres in Buckinghamshire, London and North Lanarkshire

Commenting on the experience, Sarah said: “It was an incredible 290 miles which we’ll never forget. On day 2 we were to finish on 92 miles but on arriving at our hotel all the riders decided to go back out and complete a 100 miles instead. This pretty much highlights the determination of the group and our drive. It was an incredible experience with an amazing amount of money raised for Action for Children too.”

The money raised by the Herbalife Nutrition UK team will be used to provide cooking sessions and nutritional information to some of the most disadvantaged children and young people from local communities. The sessions will help young people try new healthy foods and learn how to prepare balanced, nutritious meals. The new knowledge and skills learnt will help to improve the health and nutrition of young people taking part in the programme, and will have a wider impact on their entire family.

Julie Bentley, CEO of Action for Children said: “Herbalife’s support over the last 12 years means we have been able to teach children and young people about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and make a real difference to their knowledge of nutrition and staying active. 

“We want every child to be happy, well and safe and are incredibly grateful for the continued support of the Herbalife team. Every penny raised will provide cooking sessions and nutritional information for some of the country’s most vulnerable children and young people.”

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