New ERP & CRM business management system for the Chamber

A system upgrade for Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce has removed the admin burden, reduced manual process and improved remote working capability.  An investment in NetSuite Financials and CRM introduced a software solution to manage client relationships and produce monthly financial management reports.

Says Carrie Sudbury, deputy chief executive: “Having one system to manage client relationships, with financials connected, is revolutionary for us. All the manual reporting we spent hours on each month is gone, it’s fantastic for the team.”

The NetSuite ERP and CRM system was recommended and implemented by Kinspeed, a BRCC member and NetSuite Solution Provider Partner.  To determine optimal configuration and perfect-fit usability, Kinspeed completed an audit of BRCC’s systems, processes and objectives.  With remote working a priority and intensive use of CRM to manage memberships, a cloud ERP solution was ideal, with NetSuite capturing and storing data in a single secure system, accessible from anywhere with internet access.

BRCC are confident that NetSuite will adapt to future growth and process adaptations – the software system is scalable and easy to customise or add modular functionality.  With its true cloud base, infrastructure upgrades are easy and regular, with no version lock, guaranteeing the Chamber always operate on the current version.

Kinspeed provided a full implementation and project management service, including training and support.  They ensured the team were engaged from start to finish, securing a high level of acceptance for the software change and delivering value from day one.

Said Glen Banks, managing director, Kinspeed: “We were delighted to help the Chamber upgrade their software; NetSuite has freed every member of the team from unnecessary tasks. Their new system will help them focus 100% on supporting local business.”

The full case study is an interesting read and Kinspeed are worth talking to if you have any business management system needs.

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