New injection moulding shop goes live at Naylor Drainage

Naylor Drainage – a modern, dynamic company with a track record in innovation which exceeds 130 years and a long-standing commitment to developing market-leading solutions and excellent customer service.

Our team at Naylor Drainage are continually searching for new ways to improve products, services and processes.   Our enthusiasm is backed by significant investment in R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. 

As part of our recent investment work and several months of extensive civil building works, followed by a 6-week installation/transfer plan for the Injection moulding machines, we are proud to announce that the new injection moulding shop at our Cawthorne site is now fully operational.

Preparations are also in place which will see 2 further additions to the department in the form of a two large tonnage machines, together with a robotic handling system in the coming weeks.

Great effort from the local teams and our dedicated partners resulting in bringing the project across the line on time.

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