New name, same innovative IT.

New name, same innovative IT.

15:24 07 October in Member News

On Thursday the 29th of September, One of the UK’s award-winning IT companies, Switch My Server, announced a change of their company name to ‘Balliante’. The Yorkshire-based international company delivered the big rebrand news at the Teesside Expo hosted at The Grand Marquee, Wynyard Hall in Teesside. The Teesside Expo is an event that hosts many different sectors and therefore was the perfect place to market under a new name for the first time!

Balliante is a derivative of several different words in different languages across the world – some examples of the different translations of the word are Innovative, warrior, handsome, leading, individualistic, original, courageous….and it also means dancing in Italian! The idea for the name came from an exciting meeting where the directors’ discussed their values and company ethos, and then the design team worked their magic.

Balliante feels that the name Switch My Server no longer reflected what they do for their clients and how they help businesses anymore. When the business first started, they were primarily a Web Hosting and Server company, and as they grew and welcomed more members to their lovely team, the business model has changed over time. They continue to onboard some fantastic businesses and are proud to support them in a wide range of IT services with their primary services being IT Support, Website Design and Development, CRMs and IT Consultancy. They do continue to offer Hosting and Servers as well.

Craig Boddy & Louis Marcus, Managing Directors – ”Although it’s always an anxious and nerve-racking time for a big change, we are super excited by the new brand and feel the new name is a true reflection of our values and beliefs. We would like to give thanks to our amazing staff and clients who have supported us along this journey.”

They believe the fresh corporate image and identity will benefit their future business development.

Callum Marcus, Marketing Manager – ”It’s such an exciting time, even for me personally. I’ve seen Switch My Server grow since the day it was born. However, this is a necessary change. The beginning of something special, and I’m so excited to see Balliante grow further.

Balliante opened an office in Middlesbrough back in April and is now looking to expand in the North-east in the near future. Their goals moving forwards are to grow, allowing more people to experience the high quality of service they provide, to the clients they manage. Leading customer service and revolutionising business technology has always been their number one focus, and after the rebrand, they will take this to the next level.

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