Our first anniversary during a pandemic! Slice Solutions Ltd are 1!

The South Yorkshire firm Slice Solutions Ltd, boutique recruitment consultancy, today hit their first birthday despite a lockdown leaving many businesses furloughing employees and halting all growth plans. Slice Solutions have demonstrated that there is business to be done and that many organisations are continuing to recruit despite the impact of COVID-19. Making it through the first year in business is always a major milestone but even more so during a worldwide crisis!

“When I first began developing the model a year ago I had a much less rapid growth trajectory in mind but the thirst for what we had to offer was strong, across the region and beyond. We’ve offered much more than placing candidates and taking fees. We work within the company, as an internal recruiter, business strategist and people management expert. Companies haven’t experienced this before from an outside agency. The relationships we have built as a result are phenomenal’ says Lisa Betsworth, Director.

Over their first year, Slice have shown an innovative approach to supporting businesses in their workforce planning and growth strategies, demonstrating that the traditional recruitment model may have met it’s match. Not only that, Slice has kept up with the ever changing conditions COVID-19 has brought into the workplace, delivering workshops and online seminars to support business owners across South Yorkshire, East Midlands and North Derbyshire to adapt and sustain a healthy business in what has been the most testing time for SMEs in living memory.

Lisa’s own story is one of winning against all odds. Having over 15years experience, Lisa previously ran her own traditional recruitment agency from 2014-2017 until she was diagnosed with cancer. Determined not to be beaten, Lisa adapted, taking the decision to sell her agency to a competitor to allow her to take the time to beat cancer and fully recover. Her comeback? Slice Solutions. A boutique specialist recruitment consultancy offering much more than just vacancy filling.

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