Porcupine family pop up at Rotherham theme park

The latest animals to greet visitors at Gulliver’s Valley, following the family run theme park offering a new home to a range of animals from Mayfield Animal Park, are a family of porcupines.

Dad, Spike, mum, Drusilla and baby son Oz will be at the family run theme park from today (Monday 20 May). The animals join the Brazilian Cavies and Meerkats, who were among the first to arrive at Gulliver’s following the move.

Craig Seedhouse, resort director at Gulliver’s Valley, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Spike, Drusilla and Oz to Gulliver’s Valley and can’t wait to see our visitors’ reactions when they meet our new porcupine family.

“It is great to see the animals from Mayfield settling into their new home and to see the range of animals growing.

“The skunk is particularly impressive and I’m glad to say that I’ve managed to avoid the unforgettable skunk smell so far. The meerkats are very cute, and they are very entertaining to watch as they play and go about their day. We’re sure that our customers will love them all.”

Gulliver’s Valley is aimed at children between the ages of two and 13-years-old, is based on 250 acres of land and has a variety of onsite accommodation available including Unicorn and Princess Suites, Pirate Lodges, Captain’s Den’s, Mermaid Den’s alongside Western Cabins, Fairytale Hideouts, Lost World Lodges and the impressive Megalodon Lodge. Mayfield Animal Park recently relocated to Gulliver’s Valley after losing their long-term home.

Andrew Jonas, director at Mayfield Animal Park said: “The porcupine family are joining us from Wildheart Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight. They will be a really welcome addition at Gulliver’s Valley and we’re looking forward to getting them settled in.

“Porcupines are fascinating animals covered in approximately 30,000 quills, they eat a wide range of plants and can live as long as 18 years.

“Visitors to the theme park will be able to see the family in the animal farm area which is already growing quickly.”

The relocation of the Animal Farm has seen Andrew, his wife Keeley, and three current members of Mayfield staff working with the animal care team already at Gulliver’s Valley to look after all the animals.

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