Preference and non-Preference Certificates of Origin – No Deal Contingency Planning

The British Chamber of Commerce and Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce continue to work to avoid a messy and disorderly exit from the European Union in the 29th March. However, business need answers they can base decisions on, no matter the outcome. This includes the trade documentation for use by exporters to prove origin.

Should the United Kingdom reach a withdrawal Agreement with the EU, then the existing documents that you currently issue will continue to be used throughout any period of transition.

As part of our contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit, our colleagues at the British Chambers of Commerce have worked closely with HM Revenue and Customs and DIT on the revised format of preference and non-preference certificates of origin.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit we have made preparations to enable us to provide you with continuity of service through the issuance of revised ‘United Kingdom’ documentation. This will be ready and available in time for March 29th. If you hold blank certificates for printing at your premises then please contact us to arrange a supply of replacement certificates. All documentation held on file at the Chamber of Commerce will automatically be replaced.

The replacement certificates should only be used in the event that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in a no-deal scenario.

For more information please contact Adrian Platts on [email protected] or call 01709 386200

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