Rain Rescue Selected As Winners!

Rain Rescue were selected as the winner from 6000 nominations for the ADCH & PetPlan Charity Team of the Year.  This is circulated by Petplan to all of their rescue centres, for every species that they support.  Covering dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, birds, cavies and a range of others.  For Rain Rescue to have won this top category is truly an honour.  We received over 120 actual nomination certificates but we aren’t just selected on the volume of submissions, we are chosen by the judges reading the stories, listening to the work that the charity does and picking the winner.

Rain Rescue won the ADCH & Petplan Charity Team of 2020.   As Rain goes into starting its 18th year helping dogs and cats from South Yorkshire, this is massive recognition for the thousands of animals our small team have helped and literally saved the lives of.  This is not just any award.  This award shows just how hard our wonderful team work.  We work closely together, we work hard, we listen to every story, every phone call.  We answer the phone daily to people heartbroken and sobbing having to give up on their pet for a multitude of true crisis reasons.  As Yorkshire is one of the cruelty hotspots in the country.  The need for us increases year on year.  However, unlike most businesses, the more we do – the harder we work, the more animals we take in – the more our costs increase, the more our vet bill escalates.  We cant sell more boxes to raise our income.  The more dogs we save, the more our expenditure increases.  It is down to the help of the public understanding the work that we do, that we have no guaranteed income, that every penny has to be raised every day – for us to keep on doing the valuable work that we do within Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

Rotherham should be proud to know that Rain Rescue was founded here and continues 18 years on, helping pets in Crisis.  Rain is an acronym originally for Rotherham Animals in Need and was soon changed to be Rescuing Animals in Need as our help stretched out to South Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

We hope the local businesses, who are made up of Directors and Employees of the local area – will continue to support Rain Rescue.  We would love members of the Chamber to choose RAIN Rescue as their Charity Team of the Year.

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