Rejus announce sponsorship

Rejus has sponsored Campsmount over the past four years, and during the 19/20 DofE season the students donated 1,950 hours of their time for voluntary service to the local community. The social value of those hours is a staggering £8482. A huge congratulations is in order for the hard work the students have contributed.

Rejus are proud to report that despite the impact and delays caused by the spread of Covid-19, the students at Campsmount Academy went above and beyond to give back to the community and develop their own skills and experiences.

Our agreement with Campsmount means that we sponsor all students in year 9 to take part in the DofE award. The students who took part between the dates of 23rd of March and 31st August 2020 managed to complete 221 hours of volunteering, 286 hours of skills, and 143 hours of physical activities. This is during the most uncertain times of the pandemic, and these students managed to accomplish something incredibly impressive.


Bentley, Assistant Principal for Campsmount, stated;

“Campsmount Academy value the partnership with Rejus in relation to the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. We believe that this innovatative partnership between an outstanding local business and the education sector really creates huge opportunities for our young people and our community. As an Academy we have a widely recognised ASPIRE programme which provides all our students with a inspirational range of opportunities to develop their personal skills and character and the D of E programme sits at the very heart of this initiative.”

Mathew Lynds, Chairman of Rejus, responded;

“To think that a partnership between an education and a business, and an injection of cash, has created this opportunity for the students and benefited the wider community. It’s incredible. Not to mention the improved physical & mental well-being of the students. I commend and fully respect the achievements of the students and the school.”

We’re happy to confirm that we’ll be renewing our support of Campsmount for the 21/22 season.

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