Rejus Repairs the Cladding of a Global Retail Company

Towards the end of February Rejus received an enquiry from a major client they’ve worked with frequently in the past. The client received damage to the cladding panels of their large distribution facility as a result of Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice. Rejus were invited to quote for the repairs.

The company in question, a global retail company with shops in many major UK towns and cities, suffered cladding damage at one of their major UK distribution facilities based in Doncaster. The damage to the cladding tiles happened due to severe high winds caused by the back-to-back storms the Weekend prior.

Having provided various maintenance works, cleaning services, and other projects multiple times, the company invited Rejus to tender for the cladding repairs on the Wednesday following the storms.

Rejus provided two quotes that provided two different options for the distribution centre, one of which utilising a cherry picker boom lift, the other using a crane lift machine.

As you can see by the picture above, the company chose the crane lift system, making for a much easier and reliable process to get the expert repair team where they were needed.

The two quotes were provided the day after the enquiry came in, the crane quote was quickly accepted, and the works were completed the day after that.

This means that the repairs took place the Friday after the storms were initially hit, and Rejus are proud to announce that maintenance team quickly and efficiently repaired the cladding panels ready for the weekend.

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