Rejus Wins Grounds Maintenance Contract for New CEF Building

City Electrical Factors (CEF) are scheduled to soon moved into a location near Doncaster City Centre that hasn’t been occupied for nearly half a year. They reached out to Rejus to quote for the works clearing the grounds.

The new CEF site has overgrown around the perimeter, and various works will be carried out to make the site presentable, including tree doctoring and shrubbery trimming. The client has opted for the use of wildflowers on the new bedding in order to make the area habitable to bees, an eco-friendly move which is designed to encourage the repopulation of the insect.

As a result of being overgrown, the site has suffered an increase of rodents on the property. The dense vegetation has allowed for the comfortable habitation of the unwanted animals. As part of our ground’s maintenance service, we’ll be clearing the dense plant life away, making the grounds less hospitable for the unwanted guests.

The works require the grounds to be both hospitable to bees and inhospitable to rodents, making the contract a good case study in the bespoke nature of our Facilities Management contracts.

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