Rosen’s coming to Rotherham! 

Grimm & Co, a charity that changes lives one story at a time, is bringing Michael Rosen to Rotherham as part of their Festival of Stories in May. For two weeks Grimm & Co will be working with schools and communities to celebrate Rotherham, building positive narratives and continuing to build a sense of pride as a place to live and thrive for children, young people and families, all through the joyful discovery of stories! 

Michael Rosen was Children’s Laureate 2007 – 2009 and is one of Britain’s best loved writers and performance poets for children and adults.  Best known amongst children for his performance of his poems, We’re Going on a Bear HuntChocolate Cake and No Breathing in Class, he is hosting a workshop for teachers, and children from two schools in Rotherham will also have the invigorating opportunity to meet Michael and to see him perform his poetry, as well as learning about the magic of stories. 

Michael was an avid supporter of the creation of Grimm & Co from its humble beginnings in the pop-up story shop in 2015 and is coming back to see Yorkshire’s enchanting new story destination in the heart of Rotherham.  Whilst there he’ll be helping Grimm & Co to support teachers to tell stories using the most engaging tactics to captivate children and their imaginations.   

Deborah Bullivant said, “Michael is a genius!  He can work wonders with words and turns the most reluctant into an enthusiastic reader, writer and even performer, hungry for words and stories.  He’s very much influenced our work over the years so I’m beyond excited, I’m positively giddy, in a flutter, ecstatic that Michael’s helping us with this project and getting to see the destination of the journey he helped to inspire back in 2015.  We can’t wait to see what he thinks of it.”  

Grimm & Co’s brand-new Emporium of Stories will also host two public book signings with a chance to meet this literary icon and buy or bring one of his wonderful books for him to sign.  This will all take place on 24th May 2024 as part of Rotherham’s Festival of Stories with free events and activities taking place between 20th May 2024 and 1st June 2024.  

Week one will celebrate stories with teachers and schools.  Week two takes place during the Spring Bank holiday and will feature a wide range of activities, from author events with LD Lapinski and Susannah Lloyd, to poetry, spoken word and musical celebrations, with Lauren Housley and David Eagle performing songs written by our children and young people, before the headline act, Saturday Club band – The Custard Creatures and Co! 

This event is part of the Children’s Capital of Culture calendar, made possible because of support from RMBC and the Gainshare Investment Programme in partnership with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. 

Lisa Pogson, Chair of the Board of Trustees said, “This is the beginning of a very special 2-week annual event at the end of May, celebrating stories in all sorts of ways. What an exciting event for this town.”  

Go to to see details of the events, times of book signing and to learn more about Grimm & Co’s Festival of Stories. 

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