Rotherham and Barnsley employees need more than a pay rise, says HR expert

Rotherham and Barnsley employees need more than a pay rise, says HR expert

09:27 07 August in Member News

An HR expert in Rotherham is warning local employers that if they want to keep hold of their best employees, they need to consider using more than a pay rise as an incentive.

In reality, small pay rises or unobtainable bonus schemes aren’t effective motivators and can actually have the opposite effect on employees.

Instead, employers need to look at rewards that are intrinsic motivators, such as recognition, learning and development, and additional responsibilities.

Laura Reilly owns and runs Taurus HR Solutions Ltd in Rotherham and South Yorkshire.  She said, “Contrary to belief, money isn’t the best motivator – especially for individuals who are career focused.

“What’s more important to these employees is feeling valued, having their accomplishments recognised, and creating a path that helps them reach their goals.

“Companies that take the time to learn more about these motivators in their employees often find that their teams are more engaged, more loyal, and far more productive.”

Laura also points out that small rewards can have a big impact on employee motivation and job satisfaction too.

She said: “Little things can have the same effect as a grand gesture, too. For example, giving a box of chocolates as thanks to an employee who has really impressed a client will demonstrate that you’ve noticed their actions and value their work.

“And helping an employee to work towards their career goals with additional learning and development opportunities will show how invested you are, and that you hope to have this employee working with you for years to come.

“It all helps an employee feel valued, appreciated, and demonstrates that you’re as committed to them as they are to you.”

“These are all things that are low cost to you, but make a big impression on your people.”

Laura added: “In the current climate where budgets are often smaller, rewards like these can make a huge difference on your ability to retain your best people, which is another big bonus!”

Laura is available to assist local employers to improve their reward systems, develop their teams, and retain their people for longer.

For a short time, she is offering free 30-minute consultations to local business owners to help get started.

These can be booked by visiting

Taurus HR Solutions Ltd was formed in 2022 and outsources a full range of HR services to local businesses, as well as a number of learning and development courses.

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