Rotherham manufacturer counts another year supporting local community

Rotherham manufacturer counts another year supporting local community

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Since 2010, Rotherham based manufacturing company AESSEAL plc has worked alongside local charity South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) to establish the AESSEAL Charitable Trust, providing long term support and immediate grants and donations. During this time over £800,000 has been donated to local community groups and charities mainly working across South Yorkshire to address local needs.

Across South Yorkshire, there are charitable groups working to support their communities in the best way they can. Whether it’s a Food Bank providing parcels to those who are struggling financially or a Community Centre holding social clubs for people with Dementia, local people are standing up to provide the care and support their community needs.

These organisations go to extraordinary lengths to change lives, often with the help of grant funding awards from responsible businesses. As a member of the South Yorkshire community, AESSEAL plc has provided such grant awards in the region for nearly ten years to ensure that these essential groups can continue their work.

Working in partnership with grant-making charity South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, from April 2018 to March 2019, AESSEAL plc Funds awarded £85,179 in grant awards to 27 community groups across South Yorkshire.

The organisations which have benefitted have been able to deliver a wide array of projects thanks to the grants awards. Including, sports coaching courses for young people with disabilities, upgrades to community centres, a free café for refugees, one to one therapy sessions for young people struggling with their mental health and much more.

The Ummeed Group in Rotherham received £3,525 from the AESSEAL Charitable Trust Community First Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire. This enabled their project teaching English language and reading skills to women learning English as a second language to continue. Ummeed helps these women to break down the barriers in their lives and increase their social skills and social circle alongside learning valuable life skills.

Abundance Sheffield also recently received a grant award of £2,852 from the AESSEAL Charitable Trust Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire. The grant funded training for local people to learn harvesting techniques, as well as community workshops on cooking, preserving and juicing fruit and vegetables with all the produce used rescued from waste by volunteers.

In the last year, AESSEAL plc has also responded to urgent community needs and donated £20,000 in grants to support charities and organisations helping young people with their mental health.

AESSEAL has also continued its support for the #iwill Fund by committing to another year of match funding the programme. #iwill is dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to become leaders and give back to their communities. The programme aims to engage people from a young age to take part in youth social action and contribute their skills, ideas and energy to creating meaningful change across the country. The ultimate aim is to make participation in social action the norm for people under the age of 20.

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