Single Channel Pay by Link Declared Obsolete: Multichannel Solutions Take Over

In a rapidly evolving digital world, Gala Technology announces the end of single channel pay by link solutions, championing the rise of multichannel payment systems that cater to modern consumer demands.

Once heralded for its simplicity, the single channel pay by link method—relying on email for payment requests—has become outdated in an era where consumers demand flexibility, convenience, and robust security. Gala Technology, a leader in innovative payment solutions, highlights the critical need for businesses to transition to multichannel systems to stay relevant and competitive.

CEO of Gala Technology, Jason Mace, commented:

“In today’s dynamic digital landscape, single channel pay by link solutions are no longer sufficient. Customers interact across multiple platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, social media, and live web chat. Businesses must adapt to these communication preferences to enhance engagement and provide a seamless payment experience. Our OmniPay SOTpay solution is designed to meet these needs, ensuring secure, flexible, and efficient transactions.”

Understanding the Limitations of Single Channel Payment Solutions

Limited Reach and Engagement

The primary flaw of single channel pay by link solutions is their reliance on email. In a world where communication is diversified across various platforms, restricting payment requests to email significantly limits business reach and customer engagement. Customers today expect to make payments via their preferred channels, and systems that fail to integrate these options fall short of their expectations.

Security Concerns

Email-based payment requests are vulnerable to phishing attacks and spam filters, compromising the security and integrity of transactions. As cyber threats continue to rise, businesses need payment methods that offer enhanced security features to protect against fraud related chargebacks and build customer trust.

Lack of Convenience

Modern consumers prioritize convenience and speed. Single channel systems require customers to access their email, click a link, and complete the payment process, which can be cumbersome. Multichannel solutions offer seamless integration across various platforms, enabling customers to pay directly through their preferred communication methods.

CTO of Gala Technology, Steve Biggs, stated:

“Security and convenience are paramount in today’s payment landscape. Single channels pay by link systems are prone to security risks and can be inconvenient for customers. Our SOTpay multichannel solution addresses these issues, offering secure and user-friendly payment options across multiple platforms, enhancing the overall customer experience.”

The Future of Payments: Multichannel Solutions and Pay by Bank

The evolution of payment technologies has given rise to multichannel pay by link solutions, which allow businesses to send payment links through multiple channels, enhancing accessibility and customer experience. Integrating payment requests into Telephony, SMS, WhatsApp, live web chat, social media, and other platforms ensures that customers can pay swiftly and securely, wherever they are.

BDM of Gala Technology, Chris Evans, remarked:

“Multichannel solutions represent the future of payments. With the increasing adoption of open banking, pay by bank is revolutionizing transactions by enabling direct bank transfers that are fast, secure, and cost-effective. Unlike outdated single channel systems, pay by bank and multichannel solutions provide the versatility and security that modern businesses and consumers require.”

Transforming Interactions into Seamless Transactions

Gala Technology has experienced double-digit month-on-month growth as more companies adopt SOTpay. This surge in adoption reflects the system’s ability to convert every interaction into a seamless transaction, meeting the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumers.


The single channel pay by link solution has outlived its usefulness in today’s fast-paced, multichannel environment. Businesses must adopt multichannel solutions to remain secure, efficient, and customer focused. Embracing these advanced systems will not only improve payment efficiency but also strengthen customer relationships.

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