Smiley Booth now in South Yorkshire

Smiley Booth are the industry leading national and European franchise group photo booth hire service that has now expanded into the South Yorkshire region. They present a completely unique offering as a photo booth service, and the ‘open photo booth’ they provide is the most sophisticated available anywhere in the world.

Smiley Booth do not make this statement lightly. Not only do they provide a completely different set up, but the features and the quality of images far surpass anything else on the market. Far better than the old traditional closed booths, or mirror booths, their open booth is able to handle larger groups of people (even whole families) in instant photos. They can also do video messaging, instant social media uploads, animated pictures and much more.

Here’s some of the exciting elements offered for events:

  • An open booth that easily handles many people getting into the photographs.
  • Unlimited instant photos, video messaging, social media uploads, GIF’s etc.
  • A Graphic Designer to create perfect photo designs.
  • TWO Professional Attendants to guide guests and ensure all goes well.
  • Beautiful backdrop (up to 10 ft wide) – or GREEN SCREEN themed digital backgrounds.
  • A USB memory stick with all the photos of the evening captured and stored forever.
  • A secure web page also with all the photos of the event captured – this link can then be sent to anyone;
    …even people who were not at the event, or that live abroad can be provided access to see and download the photos.

These photographs are high resolution so large prints can also be ordered and delivered from this web page, along with social media uploads etc. A password is provided with the link.

For more information visit their website online at –


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