South Yorkshire Chambers Launch New Podcast to highlight landmark findings from the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES)

The podcast, part of the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) undertaken by the Chambers, is a new platform which will allow listeners to hear from experts, leaders and critical thinkers from institutions, organisations, and businesses here in South Yorkshire. The three South Yorkshire Chamber launched the “South Yorkshire PolicyPod” in January to champion change, analyse trends, and highlight the disparities which affect businesses and Chamber members in the South Yorkshire region.

In the first episode of the South Yorkshire PolicyPod, the Chambers were joined by guests including Yiannis Koursis – Barnsley College Principal and Chief Executive, Oli de Botton – CEO The Careers & Enterprise Company, Kirstie Donnelly, MBE – Chief Executive Officer at City & Guilds Group, Karen Beardsley – Business Transformation Director at Unipart Rail and finally Andrew Denniff Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber CEO as they discuss the findings of the Quarterly Economic Survey.

The discussion in this episode focused specifically on the skills agenda in South Yorkshire which was a key metric highlighted in the quarter 4 2021 survey. The question posed to guests was “What can the education and training sectors learn from employers on workforce skills?” and with a range of expertise around the table this led to a frank discussion on where the skills agenda currently is in South Yorkshire, what our educational institutions can do to collaborate with businesses, what businesses expect from the Skills pipeline and finally what the role the Chambers play in bringing these parties together so real tangible change can happen.

The South Yorkshire PolicyPod is a fantastic platform for you to hear the latest issues affecting the South Yorkshire economy. The podcast is a must listen for those with a finger on the pulse of crucial matters affecting South Yorkshire, whether you are a business based in South Yorkshire, or simply have an interest in policy within the region.

The report findings used in the podcast; the South Yorkshire Quarterly Economic Survey, are used to influence local, regional and national governments and decision makers to help shape the support structures available to the local business community.

Click here to Listen to the first episode of the South Yorkshire PolicyPod, and subscribe to listen to  future episodes.

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