Street Food Revolution Brings a New Visual Flair to Markets and Events

Street Food Revolution Brings a New Visual Flair to Markets and Events

15:05 02 February in Member News

UK retailer says new generation of foodies and mobile caterer driving a huge movement in branding and unique visuals.

After noticing a huge uplift in sales and enquiries for stalls that feature striking designs, specialist pop-up gazebo supplier Gala Tent conducted a survey to discover what modern consumers felt about branding across a series of sectors, including the mobile catering industry.

The survey of 186 participants threw up some interesting results, particularly as there was a clear divide in opinion across age groups on which sectors were expected to have strong, unique brand visuals. The biggest divide was over the street food industry.

Of the participants aged between 18 – 35, over 90% suggested that Street Food and Mobile Catering businesses should present themselves in a more unique way. However, of those aged 36 and above, only 65% of participants expected Street Food businesses to deliver slick presentation to their branding.

This generational divide may be down to the power of social media, and the demand for brands to stand out better against others, with audiences being built through brands creating engaging Instagram and TikTok content, that sells new and interesting street food.

As councils up and down the country revitalise their town centres by building social hubs around stripped-back food courts with exposed brickwork and vast arrays of cuisine on offer, urban food festivals have also exploded in popularity.

Monthly events draw increasingly larger crowds to sample cultural culinary delights and artisan offerings, alongside live music, craft ales and cocktails. Recently, the Suppa Club brand that offers monthly street food events out of Elsecar’s Heritage Centre in Barnsley, reported record breaking attendance with all vendors selling out of stock earlier than ever, proving that the street food movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Driven by a younger, fashionable crowd, street food vendors are stepping up to the plate with enthusiasm, bringing bright and distinctive branding to their mobile shop fronts.

One of Gala Tent’s Graphic Designers, Bethany Liversidge said, “Some of the work we’re being commissioned to create for street food catering customers is very different. It’s not enough to have a simple logo and a line of text anymore. Up-and-coming caterers really know what they want when it comes to standing out in a crowd, and it reflects in the tents we’ve been creating.”

Kieran Bridges
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